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May 28, 2024





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The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice is nothing but pure hustle, an attempt to boost Joe’s election chances by fanning the flames of the public’s unjustified fears about a ‘climate emergency.’ Bishop Harry Jackson, Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church in Washington D.C., summed up the situation well in Marc Morano’s new film, Climate Hustle – 2 – Rise of the Climate Monarchy,

“I’m convinced that what’s really at root is a desire for other governments to impose control in an almost one-world government upon America and the rest of the nations of the world.”

Or, as Canada’s Rebel News put it so well in their October 14 editorial,

“As opposed to President Donald Trump’s successful America First agenda, it looks like Democrat Candidate for President, Joe Biden, is running on a ‘United Nations First, America Last’ vision of the United States.”

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s climate change plan is riddled with mistakes. Some are so serious that, if the United States ever followed his recommendations, the nation would be bankrupted for no environmental benefit. In last week’s America Out Loud article written by the junior author of this piece, it was shown how Biden is advocating preferential treatment for China in international climate change negotiations. The only possible outcome of fulfilling his promise to bring America back into the Paris climate accord is a further crippling of the U.S. as yet millions more American jobs will be exported to China. I am sure the Communist Party of China, which has effectively endorsed Biden for president, is very appreciative. Thanks, Joe.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the former vice-president’s blunders in “The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” Let’s look at just ten examples of these deceptions and mistakes:

1 – Joe’s ‘Newspeak’

The first deception is a form of ‘Newspeak’ taken right out of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. Throughout his ten thousand-word climate change plan, Biden uses misleading words and phrases which are obviously chosen to encourage readers to think in the way he and climate activists want. Besides using the ridiculous phrase “climate emergency” nine times in the document (no sane person considers the Earth’s beneficial one-degree Celsius warming in the past century an “emergency”), he calls carbon dioxide (CO2) “carbon pollution” four times in his plan. Yet every schoolchild knows that CO2 is plant food, without which there would be no life on this planet. Biden also refers to this beneficial gas as “climate pollution” three times in the document and calls it “carbon” on numerous other occasions. The CO2-driven greening of the Earth has resulted in increasing forests and huge increases in food crop yields in many countries, as well as generally improving life on Earth. But Biden apparently wants to stop all that. Thanks again, Joe.

To ensure that readers get the message loud and clear, the former vice-president calls energy sources which have low CO2 emissions, such as wind and solar power, as “clean energy.” Biden must be hoping that readers have not seen Michael Moore’s new documentary PLANET OF THE HUMANS. The film shows how wind and solar projects are anything but clean. Moore demonstrates that, when one considers the materials that are required to build these massive facilities, they produce huge amounts of toxic waste.

The award-winning producer also dispels another myth promoted by Joe, namely that we can solve the energy storage problems of intermittent sources like wind and solar power through the use of batteries. Joe is apparently unconcerned that China controls most of the lithium and cobalt needed to produce batteries and they are often produced with child labor and near-slave labor, and with practically no health, safety or environmental safeguards. But then, the Biden family has been heavily invested in China, so perhaps they have a financial stake in this too. 

2 – Joe’s Supports the Dangerous ‘Green New Deal’

The former-VP boasts in his climate plan: “Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

Marc Morano, the publisher of the influential Washington DC-based, responds, 

“Joe Biden’s version of the Green New Deal will include a redux from the Obama Administration of ‘investing’ in ‘green’ energy. This will once again sink billions of taxpayers’ dollars into picking winners and losers in the energy industry. We can expect a new round of boondoggles like the failed Solyndra ‘investments’. More money pumped into a future attempt to alter the climate. The only thing we can be certain of is that the climate will not be impacted.”

Indeed, and drop America’s standard of living back to that of the mid-19th century with millions dying of starvation as a consequence. Thanks for reducing us to nothing, Joe!

3 – Joe’s Plan will Make Life Worse for our Children and Grandchildren

Biden lectures us,

“Getting to a 100% clean energy economy is not only an obligation, it’s an opportunity. We should fully adopt a clean energy future, not just for all of us today, but for our children and grandchildren, so their tomorrow is healthier, safer, and more just.”

If Joe becomes president, he will be securing a future for the nation’s children without the inexpensive energy that their parents enjoyed which raised everyone’s standard of living light-years beyond that of their grandparents. 

4 – Biden Wants Expensive and Heavily-polluting Electric Vehicles

Biden’s tells us that his plan will lead to:

“Accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles…[and] developing rigorous new fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100% of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be electrified and annual improvements for heavy-duty vehicles…he will work to develop a new fuel economy standard that goes beyond what the Obama-Biden Administration put in place.”

Besides the fact that we will not have enough power plants to power a huge increase in electric cars, promoting the expansion of electric vehicles when average people cannot afford them will cause most people to keep their old vehicles beyond their safe life. In fact, fuel economy standards brought on by the Obama/Biden administration led to lighter weight and less safe vehicles. As we explained in our April 7th America Out Loud article, “Trump Administration Overturns Unsafe Obama Automobile Standards,”

“Obama’s approach was never about making driving less expensive or safer. It was always about getting gasoline-powered cars off the road, to be replaced by electric cars, and, in the process, throwing consumer safety to the wind. Underlying all of this was, of course, their belief that CO2 produced by human activity was causing dangerous climate change. The Obama administration was effectively in partnership with overzealous environmental groups who never cared about public safety or economics. The long-term goal was simply to eliminate the use of fossil fuels at all costs.”

Well, thanks, Joe. Why would we want even more of that, especially now that the U.S. has become the biggest producer of oil in the world? Biden responds by asserting that his plan will have America, “using renewables to produce carbon-free hydrogen at the same cost as that from shale gas,” which is absolutely impossible. But then Joe never let the laws of physics or the realities of economics and engineering get in the way of political correctness. The idea of having hydrogen fuel cells run automobiles was shelved years ago when the incredibly explosive hazard of the compressed hydrogen was recognized.

5 – Outa Sight, Outa Mind, Joe?

Biden tells us that he will work to encourage pumping CO2 underground and, in particular:

“Accelerate the development and deployment of carbon capture sequestration technology”

Biden says he shares the Carbon Capture Coalition’s goal “to make CCUS [carbon capture, use, and storage] a widely available, cost-effective, and rapidly scalable solution to reduce carbon emissions to meet mid-century climate goals.”

Dr. David Wojick, an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology, and policy, counters this by saying:

“Large scale deployment of CCUS is completely unrealistic…The energy required to get the CO2 out of the combustion exhaust stream, concentrate it, and ship it is economically horrendous. Then after you have it, no one wants billions of tons of CO2 deep well injected under their house. Concentrated CO2 is heavier than air so, if it leaks, it could be deadly. Adding the “U” to pretend that we will not have to store the stuff is even more unrealistic.”

6 – Biden Plans to Waste Trillions on Plans the Public does not Care About

Again, from Joe’s plan:

“Biden’s climate and environmental justice proposal will make a federal investment of $1.7 trillion over the next ten years, leveraging the additional private sector and state and local investments to total to more than $5 trillion.”

Biden throws around trillions as others once talked of billions. While every single poll taken of public concerns for our nation ranks climate change at the bottom of the list, with health and safety always taking the top dozen spots, Biden intends to squander the nation’s resources on problems that are not real.

7 – Joe’s Climate Approach is Illogical

Undeterred, the former VP continues:

Climate change is a global challenge that requires decisive action from every country around the world.”

That is the politically correct mantra, but it makes absolutely no sense in the real world, of course. Climate change is a local problem to be solved by local adaptation measures. The fact that the average global sea level or temperature may be rising obviously means nothing to people in a jurisdiction in which sea level and temperatures are actually falling, something that is happening in many places around the world.

8 – Joe’s ‘Environmental Justice’ will Cause Power Prices to Soar

Biden promises to stand up for the little guy, saying that he will:

“Stand up to the abuse of power by polluters who disproportionately harm communities of color and low-income communities.”

If Joe were a true social justice warrior for the poor, then he would boost the most inexpensive and reliable electricity sources. That would be fossil fuel power, not wind and solar power, the most costly and unreliable sources. 

9 – Biden Wants America Back in the Corrupt Green Climate Fund

Joe tells us in his plan that:

“Biden will recommit the United States to the Green Climate Fund, fulfilling America’s pledge and enhancing our security by helping developing countries better manage the adverse effects of climate change, including conflict, migration, and state fragility.”

Dr. Sterling Burnett, Senior Fellow of the Arlington Heights, Illinois-based Heartland Institute responded,

“The Green Climate Fund is a scam, taking billions from the poor and middle class in developed countries and delivering to the relatively wealthy politically connected people and corrupt politicians in developing countries. Almost all of the money is funneled through politically connected non-profits to study or impose renewable energy systems on the poor, with almost none being spent on projects that would actually help those most in the need on the ground today to adapt to climate changes or to reduce energy poverty and economic opportunities so poor households and societies become more resilient in the face of climate change.”

10 – Joe was Wrong in the Past About Climate and the Environment

Joe next boasts in his climate plan that “In 1986, he introduced one of the first-ever climate bills in Congress.” In that bill, the Global Climate Protection Act, it was claimed:

“(2) By early in the next century, an increase in Earth temperature could—

“(A) so alter global weather patterns as to have an effect on existing agricultural production and on the habitability of large portions of the Earth”

Dr. Craig D. Idso, Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, in Tempe, Arizona responds:

“For once Joe Biden was right, just not in the way he imagined. Since 1986 net ecosystem productivity, a measure of the growth and vitality of planetary vegetation (including agriculture), has increased by more than 20%. Ironically, the forces driving this increase are the very factors he and other climate alarmists have claimed should be decimating the biosphere—a slight enhancement of global temperature and a concomitant rise in atmospheric CO2. Joe Biden could not be more wrong about the true impact of these ‘twin evils’ of the radical environmental movement on the biosphere.”

Biden also boasts that:

“In 1998, he was a key champion for the Tropical Forest Conservation Act, which allowed the U.S. to reach agreements with foreign governments to conserve tropical forests in exchange for debt relief (commonly referred to as debt-for-nature swaps).”

Morano responded:

“Having wealthy nations ‘pay’ poor nations not to develop their natural resources as the countries see fit is not something to brag about being a ‘champion’ of. In many cases, paying off countries not to develop their natural resources also leads to enriching politicians while the citizens continue to suffer from lack of development and economic growth.”


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