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May 24, 2024





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November 1938, Adolf Hitler instigated Kristallnacht or the Night of Broken Glass, also called the November Pogroms carried out by SA paramilitary forces and civilians when they destroyed Jewish-owned businesses synagogues all over Germany.

Not many voices in Germany nor the so-called ‘Free World’ uttered much condemnation, although they knew about the “Final Solution” even earlier than 1943.

I am mentioning the above facts so that readers can understand the Jewish survivors’ mindset and their descendants regarding how little was done on their behalf, especially by the Western peoples and powers.

“Never Again” has been the Mantra of Jews since the end of the Holocaust in 1945, meaning Never Again will Jews allow themselves to be slaughtered like sheep by their enemies. That they will fight till death no matter who their enemies are⏤because they know instinctively that they are the only ones who can and will defend themselves against those who intend to do them harm.

From 1948 till today, Israelis have had to fight for their existence every single day while being surrounded by Arab enemies of 450,000,000 people with unlimited financial powers and huge military assets. Yet, they survived three major wars of attempted extermination: 1948, 1967, and 1973.

I deliberately use ‘Exterminate’ because this term is exactly what the Muslims – not only Arabs – and the Iranian Ayatollahs (Shia Muslims) have been publicly and incessantly using for the last 100 years.

Not once have the Western powers used their influence either in the UN or in any other manner, or stood by Israel and condemned the aggressors, forcing Israelis to defend themselves unilaterally.

On the 31st of March, 2021, Biden’s Ned Price at the State Department press briefing claimed: “It is a historical fact that Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights after the 1967 war.”

Ned Price is the usual, invariably clueless State Department type official – born in 1982, long after the wars of Israel, and most definitely did not even bother to study the 1967 events or even UN Resolution 242 – thus signaling Biden’s handlers plan, to take up Obama’s betrayal of Israel and support of Islamic jihad in a big way.

To start with, Ned’s central claim is utterly false. Contrary to the propaganda that had been inundating the world every day since 1967, Israel did not occupy “Palestinian Territories” then or at any other time before or thereafter.

It is an unfortunate reality that the simplest truths and facts invariably escape the attention or intellect of most human beings, as I shall presently demonstrate. I shall address the foremost fallacy that Ned mentioned regarding the alleged ‘Occupied’ territories in this article and will follow it with another article about the mythical Palestinians:

United Nations Resolution 242 of the United Nations (UN) Security Council adopted on November 22, 1967, to secure a just and lasting peace in the wake of the Six-Day (June) War, fought primarily between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The Israelis supported the resolution because it called on the Arab states to accept Israel’s right “to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.”

Why are the Western powers colluding with the Arab aggressors, who have the obscene audacity to demand that the UN – they were the first to flout its Charter when they started a war of extermination against Israel in 1948 – should vote in their favor?

Let us now look at the unanimously adopted UN Security Council Resolution 242, establishing the principles to guide the negotiations for a final and lasting Arab-Israeli peace settlement.

This resolution was a tortuously negotiated compromise between competing proposals. Every letter, word, and sentence in the resolution were fought over by all the parties concerned because of the immense implications contained in their meaning, until the final version was declared because it contained several general all-encompassing terms, instead of the specific ones that the contending parties would not have accepted.

The first and most contentious point addressed by the resolution is the “Inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war.” The Arabs and their supporters very conveniently and for obvious reasons, read 242 as though it ends here, and hence, as far as they are concerned, the demand that Israel should withdraw from all territories is proven.

Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, this clause does no such thing because the reference clearly applies only to an offensive or aggressive war and NOT to wars of self-defense.

If this were not the case, the resolution would then actually provide an incentive for aggression because if one country attacks another, and the defender repels the attack and acquires territory in the process, then the former interpretation would require the victim, that is, the defender, to return the land it took back to the aggressor. Thus aggressors would have little to lose since there would be no penalty to pay for their aggression, as they would thus be insured against the main consequences of defeat.

Moreover, the resolution calls for the “Withdrawal of Israeli forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict,” and this is linked to the second unambiguous clause calling for thetermination of all claims or states of belligerency” and the recognition that “every State in the area has the right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force.”

The resolution does not make Israeli withdrawal a prerequisite for Arab action. On the contrary, they are linked to work together to achieve a peace settlement. Nor does the resolution specify how much territory Israel is required to give up since the Security Council language deliberately omitted the use of the term “All the territories” occupied during the Six Days War.

Arthur Goldberg, US ambassador to the UN at the time of formatting resolution 242, explained: The notable omissions – which were not accidental – in regard to withdrawal are the words “THE” or “ALL” and the June 5th, 1967 lines… the resolution speaks of withdrawal from occupied territories without defining the extent of withdrawal.”

After the Six Days War, Israel tried immediately to enter into negotiations with the Arab world about the West Bank, Gaza’s political future, and all other outstanding issues.

The usual intransigent response came from the Khartoum Conference of all the Arab States on August 29th, 1967, in the form of the infamous 3 No’s – “No Peace, No Negotiation, No Recognition.” Thus making Resolution 242 meaningless.

It has always been the Arabs who rejected any and all compromises with the state of Israel short of its destruction and elimination, yet they irrationally demand that Israel should commit suicide by returning to indefensible territories without any prospect of peace.

Using the Arab perverted logic, Russia, Poland, Romania, and others, should return the territories they acquired from Nazi Germany and each other after WWII. China should give the Tibetans back their land, and so forth.

Furthermore, Arab and Muslim Imperialism, from the 7th century onwards, conquered, slaughtered, plundered, subjugated, and occupied the lands of other peoples on three continents and continue to do so till the present. They should therefore return these lands to their rightful indigenous owners. No one is pointing this fact to them or the world.

In 1947, the United Nations voted UN Resolution 181 to establish TWO STATES – one Arab and one Jewish – west of the Jordan river on the remaining 24% of the portion of land under the British Mandate Palestine originally allocated for a Jewish State by the international community after WWI.

In 1948, the newly reborn State of Israel was invaded by FIVE Arab armies from Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Jordan, whose crystal clear declared mission was the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its citizens; hundreds of thousands of whom were Holocaust survivors.

The Jews were literally fighting for their very existence and were able to defeat all the Arab armies, who were forced to sue for a ceasefire.

If the people arbitrarily and mistakenly calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ are anything but generic migrants collected from all over the Arab and Muslim world; if they really have a genuine ethnic identity that gives them the right to self-determination, why did they not declare their independence between the years 1948 till 1967?

After all, during this long period of 19 years, there were no Israelis in the West Bank or Gaza; there were no settlements, and there was no so-called Jewish occupation.

Why did these ‘Palestinians’ allow themselves to be occupied and oppressed by the Jordanians in the West Bank and the Egyptians in Gaza for 19 years, without once attempting an ‘Intifatha/uprising’?

Why did the Politicians, Media, Clergy, and Academia in the West not vehemently address that occupation and repression, not even once, during all these 19 years?

Why did the UN not have a single resolution about it during 19 years of subjugation?

Why did these allegedly proud and ancient ‘Palestinians’ wait until after the Arabs suffered their ignominious and devastating defeat in the Six Days War at the hands of Israel? Did they, all of a sudden and miraculously, find their alleged peoplehood and nationhood?

Since there was no state of Palestine in 1948 – or at any time in the 6000 years of recorded history – then Israel did not occupy Gaza and the West Bank from any sovereign state; hence these territories were acquired in a war of self-defense that only a true peace agreement would resolve.

Unfortunately, such an agreement cannot be reached because Israel does not have a partner for peace with Muslims, especially the Sharia-compliant terrorists of Hamas or the Palestine Liberation Organization. Which part of their genocidal Charters are the West and UN deliberately missing?

Obviously, the State Department and the European Union are either clueless or wilfully deceptive, duplicitous and hypocritical, and blatantly anti-Israel since they are knowingly financing her enemies with billions of dollars intended for her destruction.


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