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June 20, 2024





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With less than 40 days until the US election, Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns returns with an information packed Episode Ten, providing detailed facts and analysis around the mounting Hunter Biden scandal and his receipt of millions of dollars from China, Russia, and a corrupt Ukrainian energy company during his father’s service as vice president. Malcolm and Michael also tackle the fact that some of the fears around voter fraud and errors are already proving valid in the 2020 election. Finally, they review some of the most crucial U.S. Senate races and the prospects and challenges that Republicans face in their bid to hold on to their majority in Congress’ upper chamber.

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Biden Family, Incorporated | Malcolm and Michael provide a detailed overview of a massive report issued jointly this past week by the U.S. Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, chaired by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, and the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. The Senate report concludes that Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, engaged in a vast multi-year effort to extract millions of dollars from foreign sources, including from nations hostile to the U.S. The report details Biden’s likely unethical and possibly illegal relationships with officials associated with China’s Communist Party, Russia’s government, and a corrupt Ukranian energy company along with Biden’s expenditures on women affiliated with foreign human trafficking and prostitution rings. The investigation to date has detailed millions of dollars that flowed into Biden from these sources almost certainly designed to gain favor with Joe Biden during his eight years as vice president. Malcolm and Michael discuss the magnitude of probable criminality in the Obama/Biden administration, how it has possibly compromised and endangered U.S. security, and question why the Department of Justice is not acting more expeditiously and assertively in investigating and prosecuting this and other Biden and Obama-era criminal allegations.
Mail-In Voter Fraud and Errors | For months, mainstream media have lectured that there is no reason to fear that mail-in voting will lead to fraud or errors in this year’s elections. Malcolm and Michael have tackled this issue extensively in past episodes, pointing out that the history of mail-in voting is filled with examples of fraud and errors and that it is vastly more predisposed to fraud and error than traditional polling place voting. In this episode, Malcolm and Michael discuss multiple examples of how this is again proving to be the case in the 2020 election and why the magnitude of mail-in voter fraud and error could ultimately prove extensive and decisive. From Pennsylvania to Virginia to multiple other states, Malcolm and Michael site examples already emerging of mail-in ballots being tampered with, never received, or sent multiple times. Where is all this headed? Malcolm and Michael discuss how excessive reliance on mail-in voting means 2020 elections are likely to be the subject of extensive political party and candidate lawsuits and why even the presidential election itself may be decided in federal courts.
The Battle for the U.S. Senate | Since the Tea Party’s victories in the 2014 off-year U.S. Senate elections, the Senate has been under Republican control, permitting the Senate to defeat some of former President Obama’s most radical legislative initiatives and nominees in the final years of his presidency. But Republicans only control the 100 seat body with a slim 53 to 47 majority and face a real challenge to maintain control of the Senate in the 2020 election. Malcolm and Michael discuss the fact that Republicans will be defending more than twice the number of seats as Democrats this November, which increases the downside risk for Republicans. But which races will prove most important? Malcolm and Michael discuss the prospects that Republicans have in possibly defeating Democrat incumbents in Alabama and Michigan but how they also face exceedingly tight races in Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, and other states.  Image: AP

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