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February 24, 2024





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What happens when the supply of money in circulation (M2) drops? That may sound like a boring question until one considers that every time the supply of money has dropped over the past 100 years, we’ve seen a recession an average of 11 months later.

The supply of money reached an all-time high in July of 2022, and then dropped the most it has ever dropped since the Great Depression, until April 2023, when the Repo Market began to drop instead.

The Repo Market is another usually boring Federal Reserve function, but it’s important right now as the only reason the supply of money stopped dropping is that interest rates on Federal Savings Bonds grew to the point where banks can make more money by putting excess cash into Federal Savings Bonds instead of parking it in the Repo Market.

The Repo Market will run dry in mid-January 2022, at which time the supply of money will start to drop again.

At the same time, Federal Debt is running at an all-time high, such that the interest on that debt has risen from $200 billion just a few years ago to over $1.65 Trillion today – choking out other vital Federal spending.

Based on all of this, what will our economy do in 2024? Listen now to hear our prediction.

Also – with a monumental election in Taiwan likely to make China believe that a peaceful reunification with Taiwan is impossible, mixed with China’s economic woes and an upcoming demographic collapse in China, China’s ability to invade Taiwan ends sometime around 2030, making any invasion of Taiwan necessary within the next few years.

China may decide to invade Taiwan while the worst and most corrupt President in US history is still in office (particularly when that President has taken tens of millions of dollars from China through his son’s shell companies).

The seven top companies in the S&P are all dependent upon microchips made in Taiwan, so what would an invasion of Taiwan mean for the US economy, even beyond 2024?

This episode of The Voice of a Nation with Wallace Garneau will answer that question as well.

Finally, what does a new Harvard poll say about America’s young adults?  In what may well be the most shocking poll in American history, this Harvard poll makes Americans between 18 and 24 sound like the Hitler Youth. These are the children of Biden’s America.

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  • Wallace Garneau

    Wallace L. Garneau, political commentator and professional author, brings a unique blend of expertise to the airwaves. Raised in a family of historians, Garneau's roots in history and economics run deep, with a particular focus on Europe between the World Wars. With a background in information technology and a keen business mind, Garneau authored "The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses." His knack for breaking down complex ideas in clear, accessible language makes him a standout author and a powerful voice in the radio and podcast sphere. Beyond the corporate world, Garneau's culinary passion shines through in his social media presence, where he shares grilling and smoking techniques. A two-service military veteran (Marine Corps and Army), family man, and father of two, Garneau embodies dedication both personally and professionally. Listeners can expect insightful commentary on politics, economics, and culture. His unique perspective, rooted in historical understanding, sets him apart. Join Wallace Garneau on the America Out Loud network—his is a voice that not only informs but resonates, helping make sense of today's complex world through a lens of experience, knowledge, and a touch of culinary flair.


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