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May 23, 2024





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There are lots of good reasons why many Americans sorely miss those wonderfully nostalgic good old days when the worst mainstream news coverage featured our former president’s disapproved and subsequentially censored social media comments.

Here are 10 of them:

National Respect and Patriotism

America is an appropriately grateful and proud nation bequeathed to us by brave, idealistic, determined hard-working people from all over the world who came here to fulfill dreams for freer and better lives.

It is painfully repugnant to witness modern Jacobins denigrate and attempt to erase that marvelous legacy seemingly overnight: replacing America’s 1776 founding with a New York Times “1619 Project” rewrite as a systemically racist country; nihilistic mobs destroying and defacing statues of historical figures with impunity; and schools, institutions, and streets dedicated to such founding leaders as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson renamed as “offensive.”

Multicultural Heritage and Pride

The America I deeply cherish is appropriately celebrated as an enormously diverse and blessedly enriched and celebrated “melting pot” multi-culture founded, above all, upon shared and mutually respectful individual freedoms, values, heritage backgrounds and ethnicities irrespective of skin color, gender or economic status.

Egregiously, we are witnessing a divisive neo-Marxist critical race theory (CRT) stereotypic identity-based assault on our institutions and culture that has invaded American K-12 schools, universities, government agencies, and even the U.S. military — the very kind of discriminatory thinking that concerned Americans have been fighting against.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

A growing number of elementary school parents are urgently and appropriately challenging local school boards regarding the irreparable harm to children introduced by indoctrination of historic CRT guilt and anti-cultural liturgy which characterizes our nation as a “systemically racist” society.

Meanwhile, according to the National Education Department — even prior to learning losses from pandemic school closures — a majority of American fourth- and eighth-graders can’t read or do math at grade level.

Abuses of Federal Authority

In response to a Sept. 29 National School Boards Association letter asking Joe Biden to investigate parental threats or disruptions at school board meetings as “domestic terrorism,” Attorney General Merrick Garland unleashed the police powers of FBI investigators and prosecutors to intimidate any such future “offenders.”

By contrast, very few looters, arsonists and rioters responsible for more than $2 billion of private and government property damage in last year’s “mostly peaceful protests” were ever indicted, and most were never even arrested.

Pursuit of Equality — Not Equity

The bedrock principle enunciated by America’s founders in the second paragraph of our nation’s Declaration of Independence states: ”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Whereas most Americans generously recognize a fair and moral responsibility to assist poor and disadvantaged citizens, there is a fundamental difference between assuring equal opportunities and guaranteeing equal outcomes which disincentive the pursuit of meritorious rewards.

Censorship of Communications

Politically biased private communication monopolies have canceled social media accounts of a duly elected sitting president, along with blocking scandalous information regarding foreign influence-peddling by his opponent just prior to the 2020 election.

First Amendment rights are being routinely abridged through an ever-creeping ideologically intolerant cancel culture of politically correct conformity which calls for swift and severe retribution in response to perceived transgressions of speech and thought that dare to depart from authoritarian “consensus.”

Assaults on Republic Election Institutions

Identity politics of consensus censorship should only be applied to require legal mail-in voters to prove they are who they claim to be.

This assurance, along with other bedrock democratic institutions including the Electoral College and the Constitution’s emphasis on individual states establishing voting laws, are under assault are under attack through “progressive” efforts to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, end the Senate 60-vote majority filibuster rule, and add Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico as reliably liberal new voting states.

Federal Bureaucratic Tyranny

EPA’s regulatory anti-fossil policies are escalating inflationary fuel, food and commodity prices; far-left Democrats desperate for revenue to offset trillions in planned new spending plan to hire an army of additional IRS auditors; and vaccination mandates are requiring all federal government employees, contractors, military personnel and businesses with 100 or more employees to make vaccination a condition of employment regardless of natural immunity from COVID recovery.

Bordering on Insanity

Oddly, vaccine requirements don’t seem to apply to hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who are crossing the southern border and are presumably at large somewhere in the U.S. without a legal right to be in the country, nor to those benevolent folks who have reduced several of the nation’s urban centers to crime-infested wastelands.

Consequential COVID-19 spread, child education and welfare costs, drug addiction and crime impacts will be felt far beyond border states, including burdened liberal-leaning northern communities.

National Indefensibility

President Joe Biden intentionally abandoned America’s energy independent security from foreign sources by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and ANWR, then gave a pass for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas Baltic undersea pipeline to Germany, and unsuccessfully pleaded with OPEC to increase oil production to reduce politically problematic U.S. pump prices.

This was followed by a disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that gave America’s allies and adversaries good reason to distrust U.S. military leadership and defense commitment, making our nation more vulnerable to 9/11-type attacks on our mainland than any time in modern history.

So by contrast, maybe all those annoying Trump tweets weren’t so bad after all.


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