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June 25, 2024





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We are repeatedly told the gun control debate is “heating up!” because violence with guns is frightening the little children. No, it isn’t! Only the Democrats and the Leftist media want the issue to heat up so they can, through fear, make the case that the Second Amendment of the Constitution should be negated as no longer necessary because, hopefully, Americas future will be safely ensconced in their capable hands.

Beno O’Rourke, the phony surefire hispanic candidate for the Socialist Democrat party’s nomination for President to face Donald Trump, posited the illogical thesis that just because his government (Communist) would make laws for gun confiscation and enforce them, it was his firm belief that because Americans are law abiding they would happily comply and voluntarily turn in their firearms or submit them to a buy back program. Well, Beno has a long row to hoe.

Buy Back? How can governments buy back my gun when they didn’t originally sell it to me? Where will they get the money to buy back all the guns they want off the streets? Well, from the taxpayers of course without the citizen’s authorization.

This act should plunge Beno and the Democrats into a Constitutional crisis. Using taxpayer money for stupid projects like Beno O’Rourke proposes should constitute an outrage not to be considered. Beno O’Rourke is a fool among fools.

Let’s examine the issue of public violence logically without the anguish of fear clouding the issue. Civil violence is being committed by uncontrolled citizens who rob, cheat and steal from citizens who do obey the laws. But not having the means of protecting ones self because a stupid law say’s it’s illegal to be armed for self-defense, will engender a new class of criminals, those who will arm themselves regardless of the law. Better to be tried by twelve that carried by six.

It is important to note that more violence is committed using knives, hammers, baseball bats, golf clubs, vehicles, airplanes, fists and feet, then is committed using a gun. Perhaps somebody should tell Beno O’Rourke that just maybe, he’s looking in the wrong direction. Perhaps he should control baseball bats and hammers by requiring bat and hammer registration’s before purchasing such violent items.

So, who are the major perpetrators of violence? Is it the carpenter with a hammer, the Islamic airline pilot who can take off but not land, the knife wielder cutting carpets, or a car driver? The issue of violence by guns opens a whole new field of statistics, not good for Democrats. It seems that since 9/11, when Islamic Jihadists killed several thousand people in New York City, the Pentagon and in a corn field in Pennsylvania using airplanes, the rising deaths of violence by gun fire have been committed by liberal, demented Democrat, left-wing nut cases whose only commonality is the political beliefs embraced by Beno O’Rourke. Most were young white males drugged up by public schools, but not all.

Violence is committed by street thugs, Jihadists, MS-13 gangs, illegals and socially demented Liberal youths adrift without purpose, disillusioned by their lack of a trade skill and besotted by easy drugs and alcohol.

Their weapons of violence are whatever they can get their hands on, knives, guns or clubs. They stand out like sore thumbs but Progressives (Democrats) refuse to acknowledge it.

Democrats put forward other idiot ideas like the Red Flag rules that would allow any citizen to take action against his gun owning neighbor just by accusation. And, to make the matter even more egregious, Democrats, who like the idea of jailing potential gun violators on the anonymous say so of a citizen good and true, won’t vote to advance the law because it would also allow police to use the Red Flag laws to compile intelligence (spy) on MS-13 and other criminal gangs. Well, that wouldn’t do, would it?

The entire stable of Progressives contending against Donald Trumps program to Make America Great Again, are the epitome of hypocrisy. They know what they want. The issues discussed here are not what motivates them, its their goal for enabling them to exercise absolute power of the state and they can’t do it with an active second amendment still standing as the basis of law.  Image: Reuters

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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