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April 25, 2024





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America is like a great bison that once roamed the plains, the American bison, but is now isolated and surrounded by a pack of voracious, pitiless wolves. This great bison is bleeding from fangs tearing at her legs and thighs, her tender underbelly, as the wolves try to take her to the ground. There her sharp hooves and strong horns will be useless. Her dignity and pride will give way to submission, and it will be all over for her.

This is America at the breaking point, bloodied, bowed, soon to sink to her knees. The grandest, greatest, most inspiring nation ever created on this Earth ⏤ is being taken down by a pack of bloodthirsty predators ⏤ frenzied over feasting upon the carcass of our great nation.

As seen on the prairies, a small band from the great herd remains behind, lingering at a distance, watching the impending slaughter of one of their own, neither fleeing nor coming to her aid. The survivors, paralyzed and stupefied, are watching the destruction of their fellow creature as if mesmerized by fear and yet compelled to bear witness.  

If only one would break free from the group and charge into the snarling pack, perhaps a spirited yearling with horns not fully grown, or an aging bull fed up with watching his own kind taken down so unmercifully, or a mother watching her beloved offspring’s premature horrendous death. Just one charging into their midst — the wolves would never anticipate such a thing — peaceful American bison defending each other — and they would scatter in fear and dismay. 

Be the one — no longer willing to huddle together in the helpless band — the one who dares to join the fight. Another will follow you and then another, and in a flash of time, that bleeding hulk of our nation — once the great light of liberty to the world, now barely flickering — will rise again to throw off the wolves like it has done before, sending them scurrying for safety. 

Yes, if enough of us join the fight, the predators — never imagining we would come together at the final moment to fight them with determination — will scatter like yelping pups under our hooves.  

Be the one — that fighter who steps out of the crowd of spectators passively witnessing the demise of America. Or be the second, the third, or the fourth one to find your courage. Soon we shall become genuine Americans again, standing together as one for freedom against tyranny.  

We have done this before — we can do this again.

We fought for freedom in our War of Independence; we did it again in our Civil War and then again in two World Wars. Freedom never gets to rest — and now we must once again rise to face and overcome the threat of evil domination. 

Let the wolves know! And more importantly, we must now remind ourselves! They can no longer cull us from the herd to their own advantage. They can no longer make us stand by numb with fear.

Be the one to find your courage, and many will follow ⏤ until America stands strong and free again. We will make a circle of great warriors no predators can penetrate. Once again, we will become an inspiration for ourselves and all humanity that freedom is worth fighting for and that true freedom fighters are invincible.

Be the one — America needs you now!
by Peter Breggin

Peter and Ginger have written the bestselling new book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, with introductions by top COVID-19 scientists and physicians, Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH; Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD; and Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko.


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