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July 22, 2024





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Following the recent accidental shooting of the wanted felon Duante Wright by a Minnesota police officer during an arrest attempt, well-known community organizer Barack Obama expressed his sympathies to Wright’s mother and said: “We need to reimagine policing.”

Obama offered no explanation as to what he meant by that. Much like his time in office, Obama only offered lofty speeches and platitudes but never any solutions to the problems within his own community that contribute to the sometimes deadly encounters between young black males and the police.

Obama was in office for eight years and did not attempt to effect any real positive change for Black Americans. Every time there was a major incident, he would stand before the television cameras and say the deceased might look like his son if he had one, but Obama did very little to help change the black community for the better. It must not have been a priority for him.

Let’s take a look at one solution that is never mentioned by Barack Obama or any of the other black activists and Socialist-Democrats who come out of the woodwork like cockroaches whenever there is a police shooting involving a black person.

First of all, let’s consider some of the recent victims. Michael Brown was not a “gentle giant”; he was nothing but a bully and a thug. George Floyd was nothing but a junkie and a thug. And most recently, Duante Wright was just another thug victimizing others in the black community. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, the list goes on and on.

It’s time Barack Obama, the Socialist-Democrats, and the black community stop turning thugs into martyrs, into paragons of virtue and ‘role models for young black men and women. In fact, they are nothing more than thugs and felons who made many abysmal decisions in their lives, including their last poor decision to resist arrest for their crimes.

Surely, it’s an unfortunate event for their families and friends when they are killed by a police officer. No one celebrates the loss of human life. Even the lives of those who have never contributed much to society nor strove to serve their communities and their fellow man. No police officer revels in the taking of a human life. It’s something they are trained to do as a last resort.

It’s far past time for these criminals to no longer be placed on a pedestal by politicians, the news media, and other public figures. Instead, they must be condemned for their criminal behavior and replaced with real role models who have risen above difficult circumstances to achieve great things. Replaced by role models who have contributed back to their communities and who have served their fellow men.

Otherwise, there will continue to be deadly encounters between the police and members of the black community. More lives will be lost, more communities destroyed by rioting and more racial division created in America.

Barack Obama wants us to “reimagine policing.” I prefer to reimagine an America where crime in the black community was much less than what it is now, where the black illegitimate birth rate was below seventy percent, with many fatherless families. Where black-on-black crime, as well as black-on-white violent crime, was non-existent.

Reimagine a community where black people can live in peace and prosperity. Reimagine an America where young black men and women look up to people like Dr. Ben Carson, Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, or Condaleeza Rice as role models. The kind of people for them to aspire to be like.

But more than anything, I would love to reimagine an America without people who depend on racial tension and unrest as their means of staying relevant. Reimagine an America without people like Barack Obama, the Socialist-Democrat Party, and many other race hustlers like Al Sharpton, who only care about self-promotion while Black Americans continue to suffer.


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Malcolm Out Loud
3 years ago

Barack Obama will go down as the worst president in United States history. He is on the wrong side of every debate – never placing the interest of the USA first. Obama is a Marxist.

Cathi Chamberlain
3 years ago

I love the analogy you used for the word “reimagine”. We need more Conservatives turning the left’s ludicrous narratives around.

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