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June 15, 2024





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If you are like most Americans, the answer to that is no. But then you have to ask yourself, what are you going to do about it? Because doing nothing will get us nothing, and right now, we have a legislature in both Florida and DC that is hell-bent on destroying our country.

After watching the way Congress works, I no longer believe we have a Democrat party and a Republican party. I believe we have a group of globalists who want to depopulate the planet in order to control it and are using man-made climate change, disease, abortion, crime, drugs, gender confusion, LGBTQ, and anything that they can think of that will stop the people from reproducing. They are even teaching our children that a fetus is not a baby and, therefore, abortion is a kind and wonderful thing that gives women a choice. A choice of what kills a baby or not killing a baby.

The problem that we have is that we have allowed these globalists to take over and control and manipulate our language. We have allowed them to give us new definitions for words that we commonly use. Abortion is baby killing, and if we would say that instead of the nice-sounding word of abortion, maybe our children would understand that there’s no difference between killing a child in one week, 10 weeks, 30 weeks, or after the child is born. You are still killing a baby.

So, who are these people, and what do they really want? They are, as I call them, the globalists. The 1% of elite strive for money, power, and control, and right now, I believe their focus is on power. Like I said before, I do not believe that we have a Democrat or Republican party. I believe we have globalists who want to give America’s sovereignty to the United Nations so that they can have a one-world government controlled, of course, by them. Also, people will be able to move freely across the globe and settle wherever they want without paying attention to the country in which they choose to live. Who’s laws will be followed? Traditions? Values? Multiculturalism = NO Country. No borders, No Country.

That is totally evident by what we saw going on on the college campus and in our Congress as the American flag was desecrated and the Palestinian flag was raised. How many of our legislators raised the Palestinian flag in Congress? Too many, I might add. Why are they doing that? Basically, because I believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s the fashion statement of the month. Let’s support Palestine against Israel. And as this administration continually throws Israel under the bus, I strongly believe that what President Trump said was absolutely true; any Jew that votes for the Democrat party hates their religion and hates Israel and probably hates America as well.

The slow creep of infiltration has begun. MN today has a new flag. They proudly display the 8-point star of Islam. The Muslims are only 1% of the population, but the Globalist Democrats hate America and are doing their best to eliminate it. Remember what the Muslim Brotherhood said when Obama was in office. It is their goal to fly the Muslim flag over the White House.. 1 down, 49 to go. How could the people of MN let this happen?

The Democrats have become the Marxist party, while 50% of the Republicans are the controlled opposition. The one thing we know is that he does love America, and we hope that he is the one who will lead us out of this mess that has been created by the American haters. Of course, everyone forgets that Marxism is communism, and communism has killed probably a couple of hundred million people since its inception, more recently 100 million. Of course, that is never taught in school. So we now have two parties that have merged into one against us, the people, who are the nationalists. They will do and say anything to maintain power.

I received an email with a list of Biden’s accomplishments. I guess it was preparation for the debates. I want to share my thoughts so you can answer them if you see them as well. They sound great, so the left will be fooled. You must correct them when you can. The major question is: What have these accomplishments done for the American people except raise the debt, inflation, gas prices, and food prices?

I don’t see how Biden helped America. Do you?

Biden is feeling the pain. The cases against Trump are collapsing one by one. The Globalists were sure that one of the charges would stick, but I don’t think so.

After the Cohen testimony, Alvin Bragg’s indictment proved to be a Soviet show trial with no actual crime. We all know this is a stacked jury, but I pray that at least one juror is fair.

Fani Willis’ charges against Trump for challenging the 2020 election in Georgia collapsed due to Willis’ multiple scandals, and the GA election committee is finding fraud.

Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago document trial fell apart due to prosecutorial misconduct and evidence tampering, which led the judge to postpone the case indefinitely.

Looking good for Trump and MAGA. Not looking good for our kids. I just read this article, and I am most concerned.

We are educating a group of people who will be mentally unfit to care for themselves and make rational decisions. I have asked John Droz, a physicist, to help sort this out and Ileana Johnson to tell us what we will look forward to if Biden gets a second term.

If you have not paid attention to your health, you had better before you lost the ability. Please join The WHO, the Globalist UN World Health Organization, is setting this policy, and the RINOS in the House made it possible by giving our borrowed tax dollars to the WHO. The WHO decided they should control world health under any emergency they declared, like climate change. I do not want our legislators to give away our national sovereignty or money to a group of power-hungry control freaks in the UN. Tell your legislators. Communicate with Congress, join

Globalists want Money, Control, and Power. They can only get Power if we give it to them. Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is Affirmation. The Regime will not go quietly. Prepare. Share with your 5. So join me on the radio with a guest, and you will learn about some of the riots in America.

Is America worth saving? What are you doing?

Join the Florida Citizens Alliance at Help save America by mentoring a child.

GUEST: Ileana Johnson, author, historian, speaker


GUEST: John Droz, physicist & citizen’s rights advocate

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