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April 12, 2024





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U.S. Plans Shift to Annual Covid Shots as New Boosters Roll Out  |  Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that Covid-19 shots are likely to be offered annually, similar to flu shots. He said the shots would likely be matched to the circulating strain of a given year – though elderly people and those with weakened immune systems may need more frequent inoculations. U.S. health authorities plan to recommend that people get Covid-19 boosters once a year, starting with the new shots now rolling out, a shift from their current practice of issuing new advice every several months, WSJ reports.

Here are examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program today ⏤

Lisa – I’m sure I’m not the first to ask this, but many of my family members have taken the 2 vaccine jabs. All of them are showing no signs of side effects from the jabs. They all finished their jabs as late as April. Are they going to be around for years to come? I’m very upset and very depressed after hearing several interviews with Dr. Tenpenny saying that they will die in 1 to possibly 5 years.

Donna – How long does Ivermectin stay potent? Can it be used past the expiration date on the prescription? Thank you so much for your kind attention to my question!

Carmen – How can I get the spike protein out of my system?

Kate – My husband is a 17-year AD pilot at USCG. Was coerced into taking the FDA-labeled Comirnaty’s first dose after he exhausted the appeal process. I am a nurse; we are aware there are issues with these shots. This was an agonizing decision. He would like to avoid the second shot due soon. Can you please share with me the sources that support that this particular vaccine is more deadly?

Nancy – I have been searching the web and find a lot of information, but I don’t trust most of what I read. I have a very healthy nephew, 44. Active and no health issues. Had a vaccine and booster. He now has bladder cancer. I realize anyone can get cancer but wondering if bladder cancers have increased with the vaccinated?

Tami – A friend who is still recovering from Covid (more than 6 weeks after infection) was told by her doctor that each little spike in the ball of the virus is a potential new variant. Is that what creates new strains?

Lisa – My daughter will be going to college in fall 2023 is there any hope for vaccine mandates for colleges in NYS to be lifted? What’s a parent to do? My daughter does not want the vaccine and wants to attend college in her home state.

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Elli Steiner
Elli Steiner
1 year ago

Thank you Dr McCullough for all you have done and continue to do! You are an example of who a physician should strive to be. I am grateful for finding you and pray for you. May God bless you and keep you safe. You are appreciated and loved.
Best, Elli

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