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March 3, 2024





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We have always learned through stories. Narratives told from one person to another give context, meaning, and relatability, and lead to understanding and retention. For the past three years, the human mind has become numb to death with the massive numbers of lives lost through the pandemic. The first wave of deaths occurred with SARS-CoV-2 infection and was largely among those who were near the end of their natural lives.

Sadly, many of these final breaths were taken alone, in a negative pressure isolation room, within a hospital that would not allow a family member through the front door. As the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health posted the CNN “scoreboard” of cases and deaths, Americans saw tallies that became so large, so quickly the magnitude quickly shot past the 911 disaster, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the invasions of Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Almost every American knows someone who has died of COVID-19, and certainly, every doctor has had casualties among his/her patients. Then the second wave of COVID-19 vaccine deaths came in December of 2020 and progressed every month of the mass, indiscriminate program  This time; there was no CNN scoreboard. At first, it was again the seniors, those at the ends of their lives who died within a few hours of taking the vaccine as described by McLachlan et al. when VAERS was analyzed in April of 2021.1

The press maintained an airtight “no mention” policy of COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths starting with baseball great Hank Aaron, who held a press briefing in January of 2021 as a healthy and fit senior with his wife proud to have taken the vaccine. Within a few days, he died, and it was glaringly obvious the second press release of his death had NO mention of the COVID-19 vaccine. Hank Aaron set the pattern Americans would see virtually every day in the news of another unexplained death with no outrage or mention of family members’ reactions and no cause of death.

The peer-review literature has piled up >1200 manuscripts concerning vaccine-induced fatal and non-fatal side effects with detailed descriptions of pathophysiology and autopsy findings. The US FDA and other regulatory authorities have agreed that vaccines cause heart damage, blood clots, and neurologic damage, all of which have led to well-documented deaths.

Yet, large organizations and schools continue to mandate the vaccines with no concern over iatrogenic death. When vaccine-induced deaths have occurred in the workplace and on college campuses, there have been no administrative statements of regret nor any expressions of repentance. It was this backdrop that drove film director Jennifer Sharp to produce the documentary “Anecdotals.”2

She appears in the film herself and divided it into 10 brief sections. She makes the point that, in the end, we are all just individual anecdotes ourselves. Ms. Sharp is openly liberal in her political point of view and makes the observation that the liberal left has become the least tolerant of individual choice, and has stripped away rights to bodily autonomy and free speech when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination.

How could a mantra of “my body my choice” migrate to mandatory vaccination or face severe social and professional reprisal? Jennifer notes her new friends tend to be those on the right who previously have been too conservative for a liberal, young African American woman. Now the conservatives are for individual rights, and the liberals are for totalitarianism.

Anecdotals weave in this odd new political reality as it relates to the COVID-19 vaccine debacle. In this issue of the Report, we get to know Ms. Jennifer Sharp and her vision for her latest film, “Anecdotals.”

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Caroline R
Caroline R
1 year ago

Great episode to listen into.
Thank you.
Making ‘Anecdotals’ a living documentary is a great idea.
I appreciate hearing an update on a person’s life and situation when I’m watching a documentary or news item, as I’m often moved to pray for them.

Sandra Levy
Sandra Levy
1 year ago

This was a wonderful interview and discussion. I was particularly struck by your discussion of the lack of outrage by families of those who appeared to have died from the vaccines, and by the apparent ability of Americans to ignore these injuries and deaths, even of very famous people. I believe that we had become accustomed to ignoring such negative health events for a long time prior to the pandemic. We have a dreadful, decades-long pandemic of autism and related conditions, for instance, but you surely know the story that RFK, Jr. tells of the mothers who kept after him and after him to pay attention to this issue because no one else would. Why was almost no one else looking at this beyond screaming that vaccines could not be involved and it must be that we are now better at diagnosing this? We have children suffering from morbid obesity, from damaged livers, from rampant auto-immune diseases. In my 81-year lifetime our population has become less and less healthy, and one need only look around to see it. We eat food produced industrially and we have rapidly become highly medicated. The AMA, the FDA, the CDC, etc., have made it their business to destroy alternative viewpoints.

I, too, thought that there would be outrage as these events became plain, but I underestimated not only the effect of decades of indoctrination but of the consequences of having one’s world turned upside down. In the case of losing a young person, for instance, when you as a parent were responsible for their having taken the vaccine, how do you face that that responsibility? Moreover you will be a pariah if you question vaccines, so you will not have support, and if you are famous, you will be cancelled. Not many can face this. Eric Clapton appears to be a noble exception.

The other part of the story is the moral courage and perseverance and intelligence of physicians like you who have stood up for your patients and indeed for the citizens of our country. You and your warrior colleagues give us hope, and for this we must be grateful. Thank you.

James T Uren
James T Uren
1 year ago

This episode grew on me. I’m more of a science guy, but this caught my interest especially the description of damaged people who are unable to speak out.
I have a suggestion for Ms Sharp … Seems to me a great, short section could be a Dedication. She could dedicate the movie to those people injured but powerless and afraid to speak. She could show an email with name-redacted … short and linger long enough to read saying “I can’t find the courage to appear in this movie but …”. Then show another similar email and another and another at fast pace to give viewers a sense for how widespread the problem is.

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