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June 17, 2024





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In the movie Rocky, an unknown challenger took on the boxing Heavyweight Champion in a fifteen round knock-down drag-out slugfest that had movie fans standing and cheering in the aisles of movie houses across America when it was released back in 1976. With his loyal trainer Mickey in his corner, the challenger Rocky Balboa went up against the odds and eventually won the championship, defeating Apollo Creed for the title in the movie’s sequel. 

Now that the dust has settled from the Mueller investigation and the president has been cleared of any wrong-doing, it’s time we take a closer look at who the players were in this real life political knock-down drag-out battle in which Donald Trump had to defeat the multiple forces aligned against him. Forces joined together in nothing short of a conspiracy to commit an attempted coup d’etat against a sitting president.

If we have learned anything from history it’s that no communist regime has ever willingly just given up power. A statement that I started making to my friends and colleagues as the Obama Administration was winding down, and which continues to hold true today.

While Obama may have left office he never went very far away, purchasing a home just a mile or so from the White House where he has continued his efforts to change America into a socialist-communist state. Prior to leaving the presidency Barack Obama once said in an interview that after he left office “his work wasn’t done”. Giving fair warning that he intended to continue to pursue his “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”.

Obama, along with his former Secretary of State Hanoi John Kerry have both conducted a shadow diplomacy behind the scenes meeting and communicating with other world leaders, friends and enemies alike. Advising them that Donald Trump was not going to last and that once he was removed from office things would begin to revert back to the old ways of doing business. Vice President Mike Pence would easily be controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, and in 2020 he would be pushed aside by the Obama Democrat machine, and a new Democrat would be elected president. One who was more in line with the new Socialist-Democrat Party philosophy. And one who would continue Obama’s plan for America.

Then you have the traditional American news media, network broadcast news, cable news, and the print media. The same news media that was solely in the pocket of Barack Obama since his elevation to national prominence during the 2004 Democrat National Convention when he gave the keynote address. The same American news media who failed to report on Obama’s very curious and questionable background during the run-up to the 2008 election. Hell, MSNBC personality Chris Matthews even had a “thrill run up his leg” even thinking about Obama.

And the same news media who knew very well and didn’t care that Hillary Clinton was the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the highest office in the land, while they helped to cover for her at every opportunity.

The Democrats in Washington, not to mention every state house and governorship they control across the United States have shown themselves incapable of governing and achieving anything significant for the good of the people. The one thing they accomplished during Obama’s eight years was the disastrous ObamaCare, which is being discarded piecemeal as unconstitutional, unworkable, and unappealing to most Americans who would rather see Congress fix it, or toss the whole thing out and start over.

Finally in order to understand what has taken place, though one may be loath to do so we are forced to speak ill of the dead. Former Republican Senator John McCain played a central role in this coup attempt against President Trump. McCain despised Trump so much that he was willing to stoop to whatever level, to any level, in order to try to harm Trump’s presidency, including getting Trump impeached if at all possible. Whatever McCain may have retained of his diminished stature as a member of the military and former prisoner of war has been forever damaged by his participation in this attempted coup d’etat.

It took roughly two years for President Trump to win this battle. And I for one hope that he will go on the offensive and fully investigate those involved in this effort to undermine his presidency.

There were many participants in this coup attempt both inside our government as active participants, or inside and outside as passive observers and supporters. They all need to be swinging from a gallows one day.

Those on the Democrat side who need to pay a price for this coup attempt are far too numerous to mention, but little Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, and Maxine Waters merit special mention. Three despicable individuals who have elevated lying to an art. It would be nice if the voters in their districts sent them packing in 2020 but that seems unlikely.

But hopefully their influence and power in Washington will be greatly reduced when Republicans once more take over the U.S. House of Representatives. This time with a Speaker who has a set! And one who is loyal and willing to be in President Trump’s corner, just like Mickey was in Rocky’s


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Carrillo Iain
Carrillo Iain
3 years ago

We thoroughly enjoyed this one. I honestly do not understand how could you
produce these kinds of high-quality articles every single time!
It kind of reminded me of, yet this particular appears to have even more level.
Thank you regarding always sharing your own knowledge!

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