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April 20, 2024





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In this episode, we welcome back retired USAF Lt Col Ryan Sweazy, a true American Patriot, as we discuss his view on the decline of our military, the contents, and drivers for an article he has written titled “The American Greater Good – May She Rest in Peace.” As we discuss the article, we will touch on how it highlights many elements of the ongoing Cognitive War where we see ideology, religion, and issues used as ways to subvert our Republic – in this case, the means being our military. As an old Soviet specialist, Mr. Haugland speaks to the fact that much of this is not new, as we see many of the same ways and means that were used to subjugate all Eastern Europe and create the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – the USSR – being used to subvert our military and country.

The Count (Sweazy’s call sign) and Haugland discuss what is new and the shocking lack of awareness, understanding, and success of these tactics being used to subvert our military. If we fail to address the issues Count raises, we will find a military more loyal to a paycheck or person than to the Constitution, for which they all take an oath to protect and defend. The end result could be a military that no longer defends our citizens against those who wish to destroy us but a military that is used to subjugate us. The reality is not fiction, as we saw an armored division of 25,000 troops deployed not to protect the people but to protect our so-called “public servants” from the people. God bless our military. May it rest in peace!

Today, Ryan and I discuss:

  1. The article itself and how unity in military has moved from e pluribus unum “out of many, one” – which is the motto of the US—has moved to one for me.
  2. The impact of DEI on our military, and what DEI really means as we see it leading toward the inevitable failure of the 1%, the effectiveness of our military as a fighting force, and an increasing trend towards – as Ryan calls it – “a bloated and corrupt socialized jobs welfare program” where the real impact is on increased loyalty to a paycheck and promotion not the Constitution.
  3. Why he wrote this article – which speaks to not only what Ryan’s concerns are, and his unyielding patriotism, but what many others including me see and feel.

Each week, Mr. Haugland discusses varied strategic perspectives and provides his analysis and assessment of the ongoing Cognitive War. He’s detailed the background and definition of this war, its underlying theory, how we should be conducting operations, and layout several seminal solutions to enable us to compete and win in this war in my just published book on Amazon – titled – titled “The Cognitive War – Why We Are Losing and How We can Win” – it’s available on Amazon now – and on the bookstore. You will get insights you will never hear from mainstream media based on his four decades inside the national security arena.

 Ryan (the Count) Sweazey – President and Founder, Walk the Talk Foundation, LLC A 1999 graduate of the Air Force Academy, “Count” Sweazey served in the active-duty Air Force until his retirement in 2022. As an F-16 pilot, he served in five operational / test flying assignments, logging over 1,500 sorties in the F-16 and T-38. In 2010, he was designated as a Regional Affairs Strategist for Western Europe, later being selected in 2021 as the Air Force’s only fighter pilot Foreign Area Officer. Sweazey served over 14 years overseas including assignments to Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, and Iraq. He holds an associate degree in German, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, and an MBA, and is a graduate of the German Command and Staff College, the Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr.

Sweazey served as an Inspector General in the Air Force from 2013-2016, during which time he witnessed the numerous shortcomings of the Department of Defense Inspector General system. Later, while assigned to the Defense Intelligence Agency from 2017-2020, he again experienced firsthand the rampant dysfunction of the DoDIG as his and dozens of others’ IG complaints fell through the cracks of an ineffective and corrupt organization. During that time, Sweazey collated over 70 witness statements and produced a report to Congress highlighting the systemic failings of both DIA and the DoDIG. This report would serve to be the centerpiece of a February 2022 article by the Wall Street Journal, which brought attention to the breadth and depth of corruption in our military avenues of recourse, culminating with the passage of the 2023 Intelligence Authorization Act.

In January 2022, Sweazey launched the nonprofit Walk the Talk Foundation, whose mission is twofold: bringing about substantive change to an IG system in dire need of repair, while advising and assisting victims navigating the treacherous waters of whistleblowing in the military.

The Cognitive War: Why We Are Losing and How We can Win

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