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June 18, 2024





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All across America, there’s a questionable mask debate going on connected with the narrative of COVID-19, and the overall consensus shows America’s got choices depending on the mayors and governors within U.S. cities and counties and their red and blue political agendas. What U.S. States Require Cloth Masks In Public Places?

There’s a new culture of bandito-wearing Americans; these are the employees of various businesses, restaurants, medical & doctors offices, hair and nail salons, food, and shopping centers, as well as first responders and police departments, but certain legislatures want to make it mandatory that all citizens wear masks.

What’s the underlying reason for wearing masks, and are they the end-all-be-all solution to preventing the threats of the COVID virus, which is only an encore of the everyday flu, or is the real issue one of political connotation and submission?

Remember, this is an important presidential election year, and the demon-rats are losing, they have no strong opponent, they are bought and paid for by the BLM and ANTIFA terrorists, and they operate from criminal enterprises against the knowledge of many everyday Americans who have become dumbed down by propaganda and pay for play lobbyists and politicians.

I wonder what the liabilities and legal ramifications would be if Americans introduced class action lawsuits against rogue lawmakers for enforcing unconstitutional limitations of their citizens into incurring health risks by wearing face masks? Individuals with Asthma have problems breathing as it is.

Some states are also enforcing a $50 to $250 fine for not wearing face masks in public, and for the record, with all the protests taking place that is turning into violence, the good, law-abiding citizens are wise to the fact that the criminal element always mastermind their next moves and many of them wear face coverings to commit their crimes, this is only giving them the green light to forward their fight.

For example, extra penalties should be enforced against these BLM, ANTIFA, and other criminal offenders wearing face masks as they rape, murder, loot, and damage monuments and properties belonging to ‘We The People’ and the US government as they try to conceal their identities.

They’re not protecting themselves from the virus all ganged up together as 10 thugs kick and punch victims to death; they know what the hell they’re doing as these cowards conceal their mugs behind the barriers of masks.

Although there are those Americans who choose to buy into the scam-demic allowing rogue lawmakers to encroach upon their constitutional rights as they get drunk on the toxic Kool-Aid, there are huge majorities of Americans pushing back, they wear their B.S. meters proudly instead of masks as they see the big political picture for what it really is, and they choose not to become victims or political pawns of the left’s agenda.

Richard Dahl of “findlaw blog” stated the following: “As recently as late March, public health authorities were saying people didn’t need to wear face masks. They were important for medical personnel and health workers, of course, but unnecessary for others.”

Then, on April 3, the Centers for Disease Control said that people should start using “cloth face coverings fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials … as an additional, voluntary public health measure.”

It was becoming apparent the coronavirus was being carried around by a great many people who show no symptoms of illness yet may be spreading it by the simple act of breathing.

The authorities pointed out that while cloth masks didn’t do much to keep people from breathing in any close-by coronavirus, they do help to keep you from breathing or sneezing them out. And you might unknowingly be an asymptomatic carrier.

So, in April, we came to understand that masks are about protecting others. They are about being a good neighbor and a good citizen.

Governors and Mayors Take Action

Governors and mayors followed suit by issuing orders. One of the first, by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, went into effect April 10 and required all workers in “essential businesses” to wear masks and authorized those businesses to refuse service to maskless customers.

In late April, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine issued a similar order. Workers in Ohio are generally required to wear masks, while businesses have the option of requiring customers to wear them.

Other states have begun to implement tougher measures. Starting May 6th in Massachusetts, for instance, masks are mandatory for everyone inside stores or in any “place that is open to the public” and not able to maintain a distance of six feet from other people. Anyone who violates those requirements could face a $300 fine.

Butting Up Against Old Anti-Mask Laws

These state and local actions are executive orders — not laws — but mask laws do exist. In fact, there are many of them. But they are not anything like coronavirus orders. In fact, they are the opposite. Many states — about 15 — have laws that forbid you to wear masks.

These laws have various origins. Many are anti-terrorism laws aimed at the Ku Klux Klan. One of the oldest, New York’s 1845 law, was more generally anti-criminal. That law made it illegal in 1845 to appear “disguised and armed” and was used, 166 years later, to charge masked Occupy Wall Street protesters.

So, if it’s against the law in these states to wear masks, what’s a police officer to do?

Two southern states have taken steps to guide them. In Alabama, Attorney General Steve Marshall issued a statement in April saying that the state’s 71-year-old anti-mask law will not be enforced against people who wear medical masks. In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp signed an executive order suspending that state’s 70-year-old law. But don’t think that criminals are keeping an eye on these developments. There have been several incidents recently involving armed robbers wearing medical masks.

Meanwhile, the rest of us must make do with following the law and the government guidance as best we can. So it may not be surprising then that face masks are the hot fashion accessory of the moment. My sincere and personal opinion is that this economic scam-demic and political health scare we know as the COVID-19 virus is blown out of proportion.

Throughout the age of mankind, there were always viruses. Isn’t it convenient that in this most important presidential election, the Democrat mayors and governors in the US would enforce masks wearing in public throughout their blue counties and cities?

This is not only unconstitutional but heightened propaganda, all leading up to scaring Americans to vote via mail-in ballots in hopes the demon-crat party will override the election.

The same people who are behind the enforcement of mask-wearing are the same political people who have hijacked the fresh thinking minds of our high school and college kids, who know very little about life, or history and they walk around harassing others screaming black lives matter as their protests turn into violent gang-related crimes in our communities.

Those of us over 55 years old can attest to these facts, there wasn’t a race problem until Obama, the democrat party and the mainstream media divided our country with racial propaganda and turned America’s most vulnerable cities into weaponized crime zones sponsored by the movements of BLM, ANTIFA, and other radical movements.

The radical Obama legacy incited this racial movement that grew through the darkness, attacking our law enforcement and running amok in our communities through the race-baiting efforts of the Occupy Wall Street movement during 2011.

It would be almost comical to say if it wasn’t such a serious and sad matter that most of these young adults today (black, white, Latino, American Indian, Chinese, and other) screaming black lives matter, were wearing diapers back then and I’m sure their parents were not slave owners.

The political leftists who want Americans to wear masks are hiding behind an agenda they are going to unleash in layers each month until the presidential election. Will you be willing to use your B.S meter to push back, or will you be drinking the blue Kool-Aid and enslaved as their victim?

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