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May 21, 2024





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The Big Picture of US Debt, Spending and Inflation | The Senate voted Thursday to approve a bill to allow them to raise the debt ceiling by a simple-majority threshold, setting Congress up to support a final debt limit increase in the coming days. Trillions of $$ of deficit spending are being proposed. To balance this, we must buy debt issued by the Treasury Department. To do this, more Dollars must be printed. End result of more dollars is that their value declines. If you don’t like the inflation levels now, how does this spending make it better, or does it add to our woes?

The ‘US consumer inflation was up 6.8%, the most since 1982. This is the sixth straight month it topped 5%. Americans are feeling the squeeze. Energy prices, gasoline pump prices have skyrocketed, the costs of housing, food, vehicles, airline tickets, clothing, and household furnishings are all on the rise at unprecedented levels. Americans are now wondering when prices will stop spiking? Where does it end? Inflation will drive an election; political strategists will be working overtime with the 2022 midterm elections fast approaching.

President Joe Biden asks Americans to “be patient – inflation will pass soon,” he says. The president says that his Build Back Better plan is the lynchpin for solving inflation, unclogging the supply chain, and if more people get vaccinated – employees can feel comfortable about returning to work. Does the CBO Report threaten the passage of Biden’s Build Back Better plan?

Let’s talk about printing more money and why it matters with Economist Harry Dent. What is the economic forecast for Americans? Brace yourself; you’ll want a seatbelt for this part of the program! Harry S. Dent, Jr., Economic Forecaster & New York Times Best Selling Author, Editor of the free newsletter: HS DENT FORECAST at Find his latest book, Zero Hour on Amazon or the America Out Loud Bookstore.

Inflation Skyrockets | Worker Shortages, higher prices to cover labor costs – much of this can also be blamed squarely on the Federal Government as they provided endless incentives for people NOT to work, creating a ‘Crisis of Capitalism’ – and the perfect storm for Socialism. Americans are now seeing the fruits of the Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Unity Task Force, New Green Deal Economics of Socialism! Employers, struggling with worker shortages, have also been raising pay, and many of them have boosted prices to offset their higher labor costs, thereby adding to inflation. The result has been price spikes for goods ranging from food and used vehicles to electronics, household furnishings, and rental cars.

Abortion Ruling | The Heartbeat Act is the most strict abortion law in the country. Its enactment does effectually reverse the Roe v. Wade decision, resulting in some 93 million killed babies since its advent in 1973. The slaying of a pregnant mother is rightly called a double homicide. Abortionists have accomplished a human genocide that has dwarfed the Holocaust or any other genocide to date. Read Dr. LaTulippe’s full article here: We Need to Settle the Score on the Issue of Abortion. We’ll discuss the key points in the 8-1 Supreme Court Ruling on the Texas abortion case.

Jussie Smollett Guilty | The jury found Smollett guilty on five counts of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report claiming he’d been jumped by a pair of racist and homophobic attackers in January 2019. Two questions. Was this the correct verdict? And will Smollett serve any time in prison?

Dr. Steve LaTulippe is a physician, board-certified in family medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, and an ordained minister. Author of the book Unity Without Compromise.

Wallace Garneau is a political analyst, commentator, and blogger. He served in the US Marine Corps. Author of the book: The Way Forward: Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking for Large and Small Businesses.

On Viewpoint This Sunday, our goal here is to not just report the facts and the news but to understand the core of the problem and offer resolutions that provide the path forward for lasting peace. Our distinguished panel will provide the context to the current battle and the long-term consequences of this historic clash. This is a conversation you will not hear anywhere in the mainstream media or otherwise political circles. Rate the program, leave a quick review, and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Your voice for the fight forward – Malcolm.

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