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March 2, 2024





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The Democrats are in a panic – and with good reason. Their dirty tricks and ‘dirty laundry’ are about to be exposed to the American public and the consequences may be severe.

On Wednesday, May 23rd, President Donald Trump issued a memorandum, giving authority to Attorney General William Barr to release all classified material relating to the Mueller investigation and the Russian collusion probe, and requiring the heads of eight intelligence agencies to cooperate with his investigation.

The President was no doubt at the end of his patience with the relentless investigations into his campaign and administration, and the never-ending charges of “impeachable offenses”, including the one from Nancy Pelosi on the very day this order was given. His move was long overdue and a huge breakthrough in the logjam that has paralyzed Washington for two years.

We all thought that the release of the Mueller Report would end the barrage of attacks on the Trump presidency, but it did not. Because the Democrats rejected the findings of the Mueller commission, just as they rejected their loss in the 2016 Presidential elections. Rather than accept defeat gracefully, they continued to pursue their investigations, digging deeper into the report to try to find any new evidence against the President, just in case the Mueller team, after two years of searching, had missed something.

But the Democrats and the supporting actors in the “deep state” should be very worried now, because the disclosure of these documents is likely to reveal how deeply they themselves were involved in what will no doubt go down as the greatest scandal in American history.

And the scandal is likely to go up the ladder of responsibility into the highest levels of the FBI, the CIA, the State Department, the Department of Justice, Congress, and the Obama White House.

President Trump’s instructions to the Attorney General and the intelligence agencies to de-classify documents will open the doors to revelations that are likely to shock Americans and reverberate throughout the country.

This is bigger by far than the Watergate Scandal, which was only political and was largely limited to activities coming out of President Nixon’s office. But these disclosures will go far beyond politics, touching on obstruction, illegal spying on American civilians, and treason. They will relate to every element covering the Mueller investigation, including:

  • the ‘scope memos’ that spelled out Robert Mueller’s instructions that defined the scope and limitations of his investigations;
  • the FISA memos relating to the surveillance of Carter Page, which are linked to a fictional and fraudulent ‘dossier’ that was used as evidence to obtain the warrants needed to carry out four 90-days of ‘wire-tapping’ on Page, an American citizen;
  • and not the least of the issues, the origins of the investigation into the Trump campaign and into the possibility of its collusion with Russia.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, the President was asked if he would declassify FISA applications, Gang of Eight material, and FBI 302s, all elements of his “five buckets of information”. The President answered, Everything is going to be declassified …. It will all be declassified,”

He made it clear that it was important that the American public know the genesis of these events, and understand how this corruption has impacted the conduct of business in Washington.

One of the things that is likely to come out from this declassification is the truth about how the deep state really operated and how it was able to ensnare so many people in its web of political intrigue and malevolent plots of entrapment.

Carter Page said, in an interview with Sharyl Attkisson: “Having experienced firsthand the witch hunt that [the President] had to live through and it’s been a basically an all-encompassing challenge that I’ve been dealing with, including terror threats that I’ve constantly been dealing with over the course of years. To me, I understand the challenges he faced. The fact that he has achieved so much is just absolutely extraordinary in the face of all that. I’m really excited. I think now that this cloud has cleared and we’re starting to get the real truth about the crimes by the Democrats, I think there’s great things ahead.”

And that is the point. America has a President who has been under siege for the entire time of his Presidency, yet he has been able to accomplish a great deal and he is still fighting back.

Now it is time to unmask the malicious forces that have conspired against him and tried to destroy his administration. And the release of these documents will help to bring down the cabal that has so unscrupulously colluded to destroy him.

Until now, most of the President’s fellow Republicans have been weak in the face of the attacks by the Democrats on him, the calls for his impeachment, and their endless harassment of him, his staff, and his appointments. But now there is hope that the President’s own courage to confront his oppressors and meet them head-on will give the Republicans the courage they need to confront them as well.

Frankly, my concern was that the sheer volume of the Democrats’ attacks on the President and his entire administration would simply overwhelm his tenure in the White House.

But with the forthcoming release of documents that promise to reveal the truth about the plot to destroy the Presidency, I have hope that the truth will provide the necessary evidence to enable President Donald Trump to do what candidate Donald Trump promised to do: drain the swamp.  He may well succeed. At least, he will have made a good start. And it’s about time!  Image: Yuri Gripas / Reuters


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