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July 19, 2024





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In an instant of time, the whole world witnessed, in shock and disdain, the transformation of a once Constitutional Republic into a Banana Republic.

In that instant, all respect for due process of law in the USA went up in smoke to such an extent that not a single American political, academic, legal, or media personality from this treasonous Commander-in-Chief and any of his incompetent and dishonest representatives can be taken seriously.

Most of the world recognizes what Kangaroo Trials are. What was done to DJT by DA Alvin Bragg and the despicable judge Juan Merchan was not different from Hitler’s Nazi judge Karl Roland Freisler or Stalin’s purges trials judge Vasiliy Vasilievich Ulrikh. The victims were already sentenced to death before the trials even began.

This nefarious administration just guaranteed the election of Donald J Trump as the 47th President of the USA come November 2024 unless they do the unthinkable and take Trump out, which would spark a bloodbath throughout the country.

I am predicting such an ungodly circumstance because the current Democrat Party, starting with Obama, has weaponized all branches of the government against “We the People,” and they are desperate not to allow Trump to be elected again. They have so far contorted the law and the Constitution and have been throwing every conceivable piece of dirt at Trump, yet his popularity is increasing the more they persecute him.

They suffer from such abnormal degrees of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that they cannot fathom the simplest of facts facing them. Many Blacks and other minorities are siding with Trump because they fully understand that the USA has an Injustice System that favors the elites above and beyond ordinary American citizens. They know full well that all accusations against him are false and that the Democrats are doing their worst to stop the voices of the American people who prefer Trump over the corrupt and unhinged Biden.

The Democrat Party of Biden is Fascist, Communist, and infiltrated with Islamists, and this is precisely why Biden and the Democrats are totally anti-American.

Dear readers, please appreciate the frightening reality that, since they can trample the civil and constitutional rights of an American citizen called Donald J Trump, the 45th President, then no American citizen is safe from such a corrupt administration and, therefore, as was envisioned by the Founding Fathers, “We the People” have the right to bare arms and overthrow the tyrants, just as they did in 1776.

No decent, sane, and fair-minded person considers the verdict against Trump as legal; only 38% of brain-dead supporters of Biden think it’s fair. They are the same morons who deny inflation, open border crisis, illegal immigrants, and cost of fuel increase and deny all Biden’s failures.

As an outsider looking in, I can say that few Europeans are impressed with the outcome of such a charade of a trial. Almost every reputable American lawyer, even those from Communist CNN, knows what a travesty of justice was recently committed.

Without a shadow of a doubt, 30th May 2024 will forever be remembered as America’s Day in Infamy.


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Adler Pfingsten
Adler Pfingsten
1 month ago

Trying to eliminate Trump and Netanyahu from the equation is a fool’s errand.

Have faith…there will be a Black Swan event now that the God of Abraham/Sinai, Yeshua and 1776 has empirically evidenced existence for a cynical world with the Convergence Matrix; a God that will make His presence known in no uncertain terms very soon to protect the two men, Trump and Netanyahu, He has chosen to lead and protect America and Israel unto the end of human history as it is understood and a new beginning with Yeshua as Moshiach in 2026 Jerusalem just 761 days hence as of June 3, 2024.

The Convergence Matrix holds that history should be looked upon as an equation fusing history and wagering Blaise Pascal’s probabilities mathematics with Judaic scripture e.g. the miracle election of Trump in 2016 has only one analog in history; the Battle of Midway that witnessed all the right assets and all the right people in all the right places at exactly the right time for exactly the same reason…to purchase Americans time to rise and defeat fascism.

One can easily calculate the 761 days yields July 4th 2026 which has no meaning without context. July 4th 2026 is exactly 250 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence…and as it concerns Netanyahu exactly 50 years after the miraculous Raid on Entebbe that resulted in just one Israeli loss; Yoni Netanyahu, brother of Bibi. God has always required sacrifice to provide meaning.    

Finally, the raid on Entebbe is today’s conflict in microcosm as is the first paragraph of Matrix; Marxist and Islamic terrorists took over 100 Israelis hostage who were freed by the IDF. The first paragraph of the Convergence Matrix identifies Muhammad and Marx/Engels to their birth years with the formative dates in the development of western civilization squeezed in between.

Sound familiar?

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