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May 19, 2024





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There are three main issues of supreme importance confronting American’s today. Top of the list and most dangerous, is the continued existence of the Democrat Party, co-opted decades ago by the CPUSA that no longer exists for the people, Americanism or the Constitution, but for themselves and their masters of the Socialistic New World Order. 
Next is the ever looming menace of the Chinese Communist Party, not content to chance their vaunted new militarism at challenging America face to face, but scheming to buy America’s, and other western nations production on the stock markets, claiming their copyright protected formulas and methods of production. They are becoming the world’s primary drug pushers, suppliers of all the world’s wants and needs and satisfying themselves by becoming the world’s masters in fact, if not in deed.

When the New World Order lot figures out what the Chinese are doing, it may be too late. That would include America as Chinese proxies if the Democrats every regain political control!

Finally, the daily threat from the MOI (Morons of Islam) the religion of peace, who can’t exist unless everybody becomes an MOI. Their solution is to kill everyone not already corrupted by their idiocy and let Allah sort ’em out. I saw that on a Tee Shirt but I don’t think it was Allah.
The Democrat party has been forced out from behind the curtains where their molesters have been groping interns peacefully for years while attacking everyone else who isn’t on board for their Socialist Deep State. Listening to Democrat leadership pontificate with stupid comments and unbelievable suggestions, one instinctively understands they are still playing from their old  propaganda playbook they have employed since the days of LBJ. 
A Washington Examiner headline reads: “Can a president win reelection with historically high unemployment?” They meant Donald Trump of course! Once upon a time such as when Jimmy Carter introduced his “malise” idea, that was true. But today, after three years of Trump’s massive economic growth following the malaise of Obama’s melancholy economy and ignoring the Swamp’s political norms, full employment slammed to a stop by a Chinese Virus so, that old political formula no longer applies. Americans will see how their President will drive America rapidly back to its position of world economic prominence while returning the Chinese to theirs. 
Finally, there’s this dangerous business of Islam and its besotted adherents running around killing people whilst screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Bewildered authorities tell us they can’t understand a motive or they try to convince us the murderers are mentally ill, like Nancy Pelosi.

It’s the politicians who don’t want Islam returned to the shifting sands of Arabia or the fertile lands of Mesopotamia. We’re constantly being conned.

Even now, some cities are allowing the call to prayer to be publicly broadcast five times a day, starting at 5:00am, over a sleeping city of infidels. Just complain once and you will be an Islamaphobe forever, cast out, threatened and harassed by Democrat politicians if you’re not murdered outright in your beds by Jihadists. Ladies, don’t die a virgin; they are up there waiting for you.
If a mayor or a governor can dictate that parks and beaches must be closed over an ‘alleged’ pandemic, and we let them, then imagine what other orders will be issued from their twisted little brains when CAIR or the local mosque uses our own court systems to force compliance with their 14th century lifestyle or worse, require all Americans to acknowledge Shariah law. Just asking! No matter how you cut it folks, we’re in for a rough patch in the immediate future. 
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the only way. Now, go get ’em!


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