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July 19, 2024





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Drew and his beloved wife retell their heart-wrenching story of his journey through 70 days on a ventilator and 28 days in a coma during the 2021 Delta COVID Variant. His story reveals the failings of the US medical system and its practitioners and how our public health officials and policymakers contributed to the harm and deaths of American citizens throughout the pandemic.

Drew & Maria’s experience exposes just how vital it is to have an advocate willing to fight for you until your last breath. Policymaker’s choice to remove the patient advocate/family advocate from the bedside of the hospital throughout the pandemic has most certainly been revealed to have contributed to great harm, but where there’s a will, there’s a way, even in the midst of restrictions and mandates. Maria had the will and was determined to find a way.

Nurse Michele hosts a special two-hour interview with Drew & Maria Brophy. You don’t want to miss Maria’s perspective from a spouse, forced to advocate from an outdoor window outside her husband’s ICU hospital room. Drew reveals the patient’s perspective as a COVID ICU patient and exposes what it is like to be cared for, neglected, and even abused by medical staff. You will hear how a 55 yo came in as a 210 lb, fit, healthy surfer/artist and discharged at only a 100-pound man who had to fight his way back to his pre-hospitalized state and triumphantly did it!



During the second half of the two-hour show, Drew shares with the audience in this moving interview what it was like to travel to ‘the other side’/the invisible world while in a coma. After hearing his experience, you, too, may realize that there really is little to fear in this world and that death is merely a pathway to heaven toward your next journey in your existence.

We all should be so thankful for advocates like Maria, who fought successfully for her suffering spouse, and Drew’s will to fight and survive so that his testimony would endure and millions would hear his story and be empowered to do the same. Drew’s story is an example of one of the thousands of American citizens who suffered at the hands of the American healthcare system throughout the Covid pandemic. Apologists for American healthcare may want to say… ‘We didn’t know any better… We were all trying to figure it out as we went along…’

I’m sorry, you don’t get the excuse card for this one.


Healthcare providers take care of dangerous patients all the time, dangerous diseases and pathogens, and dangerous people. We do not deny basic food and water to a death row inmate. But, for some reason that must be uncovered, Covid intensive care unit patients were denied basic needs for their survival and positive best outcomes. Patients were discriminated against, and their civil rights and liberties were denied simply because they were patients who did not get a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, healthcare workers who did get the COVID-19 vaccine also caught and spread COVID-19. Regrettably. This obvious experience did not bring out masses of medical care providers who recognized they had been lied to by public health officials. No, they benefited from lack of discrimination, with no science to support how they’re vaccinated selves, not only caught the disease they were vaccinated against, but they were allowed the privilege of not having to have a PCR test shoved up their noses, while remaining silent to the obvious bias. Their silence tacitly colluded with the cover-up of breakthrough infection throughout their hospitals and communities.

People like Drew died because of policies. People like Drew are likely still on oxygen, in wheelchairs, perhaps in nursing homes, and have lost their jobs and livelihoods and, almost certainly, their quality of life to be able to pursue life liberty and the pursuit of happiness endowed unto them by their Creator. Drew told us it took $4000 a month for several months, out of his own pocket and other donations, to restore his 100-pound body back to its healthy muscular 210 self! That is no minor undertaking.

How many Americans didn’t have the money to help themselves? Insurance isn’t helping them! The government that mandated the policies is not helping them. Why did COVID money NOT COME to those who were hospitalized with COVID, but, instead, to the institutions who benefited from simply getting positive C19 tests?

Americans, we must wake up and purge our society of the bureaucratic policies and policymakers contributing to our societal decline. Most importantly, I want to remind you all that there is help and hope out there within the parallel medical systems being created as we speak.

Americans! We are in a war!!
Your friends and neighbors have been the victims of the battle.
We must unite, and we must help each other.

We can never let this happen again in the United States of America.
DO NOT let the politicians and propagandists DIVIDE US AGAIN!
May we all find a path to Independence from this broken Medical system.

We all need each other.
Build Bridges.
BE, the change.

Nurse Michele

Nurse Michele’s Promo Video on IG for this show.

Drew Brophy is a professional artist who paints from his passion for surfing, nature, and family.



Through Drew’s eyes, everything is alive and teeming with a powerful, invisible energy. He paints that energy into his art to show our innate connection to nature and the divine. Drew’s curiosity about weather, solar physics, and history led him to explore the wisdom left by previous civilizations. He traveled the world to study ancient ruins and gain a greater understanding. Drew’s geometrical paintings are his attempt to interpret the wisdom left behind by ancient cultures. After contracting Covid in 2021 and being put on a ventilator, Drew had a Near-Death-Experience that gave him a gift of understanding our purpose; ‘that you are not the body, you are the energy that flows through it. He explains the Truth he was shown as simply:  “There is nothing to fear. There is no death. We are all One. You are the light.”

If you are ever in San Clemente California, please visit:

Brophy Art Gallery and Design Studio
139 Avenida Granada,
San Clemente, CA 92672 USA

Drew Brophy Website: and
Drew’s Near Death Experience:
Online Store:
Youtube Channel:
Near Death Experience:



Maria Brophy, CEO – SON OF THE SEA, INC. / Brophy Art Academy

Representing the art of Drew Brophy
E: [email protected]

Maria Brophy is a business coach to creative entrepreneurs and an art agent to her husband, Drew Brophy. She is the author of seven titles, including ART, MONEY & SUCCESS, and is an Amazon best seller. For two decades, Maria has traveled the world, adventuring, surfing, and hiking with her husband. Together, they own the Brophy Art Gallery in San Clemente, California. Maria’s passion is to empower people to create the life that they want. Maria is due to release her next book titled Covid, a Love Story, a memoir that tells about the horrific and miraculous event of her beloved Drew catching Covid, being put in a coma, on a ventilator, and lingering on his deathbed for months.

Maria’s book to be released in fall 2024: Covid, a Love Story – An impossible tale of miracles, death and the strength of the human heart: You can sign up to be notified of the release of the book and to receive excerpts, see links below.

Maria Brophy Website:

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Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas
10 days ago

I heard this conversation today. It’s a testament to Mr. and Mrs. Brophy’s spirit and determination to live and not give up that is the reason he is alive today. Nurse Kimberly has talked frequently about how people aren’t dying from covid, but from the deadly hospital protocols. It is clear that the hospital was not acting in Mr. Brophy’s best interest. I wish him and his wife a long, healthy life.

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