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May 23, 2024





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So what’s really going on in America?

Beginning as far back as right after World War II, American Marxists began their assault on our country by placing themselves into positions of influence in our colleges and universities, where they could poison the minds of America’s youths. Many of America’s young Communist ideologues also worked their way into our entertainment industry, the news media, business, and politics.

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama, who was running for President of the United States after serving only very briefly in the United States Senate, invited his supporters to join him as he “fundamentally transformed” the United States of America. What he intended to transform America into was never explained. But we are now seeing here in America what his true aims have always been.

Barack Obama is an unrepentant Marxist, convinced of the rightness of his cause. With his devoted minions by his side and behind the scenes working the phones and pulling the strings, Barack Obama is forging full speed ahead in his goal of changing America from a Constitutional Republic into just another third-world communist hell-hole. An Obamunist hell-hole with Barack Obama and his personally selected ruling elite controlling the masses.  

Even though every time it’s been tried, communism has failed the people miserable; the Obamunists are certain they will get it right this time. But how can he possibly succeed at such a gargantuan task, you may ask? The short answer is for you to simply look at what’s going on all around you right at this very moment.

Who started the war on police? Barack Obama did. When you undermine civil authority, the people become fearful and unsure where to turn to for help, so they look to the government for protection and answers. The rise of crime and lawlessness in America is one of the strategies of the Obamunists.

They aim to disrupt our economy, adversely impact small businesses, and once again sow fear among the population. When a gang of thugs pounces on your business with weapons or threats and intimidation, and they steal you blind, there’s little you can do. Small businesses are rarely able to hire off-duty police officers to provide adequate security.

And even if they could, after the George Floyd incident and subsequent riots, American police officers are wary of using any level of force against minorities out of fear of the situation escalating to the point of it becoming a deadly force encounter. With the positioning of radical prosecutors in many of the cities around the country, a police officer may find himself facing life in prison over the theft of a gold chain that escalated into any use of force. The Obamunists and their criminal element minions know this, and they exploit it. Anytime there is a police shooting, the Obamunists are on the telephones ginning up the minority communities into riots, destruction, and looting.

Inflation and rising prices are making life more and more difficult for people to make ends meet. Many small businesses, the backbone of America’s economy, can’t find or retain employees. Many face bankruptcy, which will lead to more and more people eventually relying on government assistance and handouts for their very survival.

Once upon a time, hard work and initiative were respected and viewed as the ‘normal’ way to live. Creating government dependency is becoming the ‘norm’ now, and it’s all part of the strategy to weaken the very fabric of our society.

Our military has been a target of the left for decades. It has always been one of our strengths and most admired institutions. When he first took office, Barack Obama set about to do everything he could to weaken our military. The military’s job is to protect and defend the United States. Not to serve as a proving ground for the flavor of the month social experiment.

If something disrupts good order and discipline, then the Armed Forces leadership has the obligation to discourage or even disallow it. Not encourage it and force its acceptance upon a skeptical military. Contrary to the claims made by some, teaching our military about transgenderism and homosexuality does nothing to strengthen our military. Teaching our military how to fight and kill our enemies is what does.

Which brings me to the collapse of our national morality. Take a look at modern culture. Everything is being sexualized. Our youngest children are being exposed daily to situations and information that they simply aren’t emotionally mature enough to understand. Our movies and television, which once produced wholesome family entertainment, now release visual cocktails of mostly perversion and wanton sex.

Our country no longer enforces our national borders and controls immigration. As soon as Joe Biden took office, and likely under instructions from Barack Obama, he stopped construction on the border barrier being erected by President Trump, and literally threw open our border and our country to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. Those same invaders are certainly getting encouragement and support for their journey to the U.S. from somewhere. Once again, the Obamunists are working the phones and leading the way.

The news media in our country has been corrupted as well. The days of Walter Cronkite and the evening news that you could trust are long gone. Replaced by a corrupt and politically slanted news media, that needs to fill in a twenty-four-hour news cycle in the case of the major cable TV networks.

To say that there appears to be a political bias towards the liberal Democrats on the part of the overwhelmingly vast majority of the news media would be the understatement of the year. Simply stated, the American news media is dishonest and cannot be trusted to fairly and accurately report the news.

And that brings us to the indoctrination of our youth. Parents send their children off to school every day with the belief that their progeny will receive a good, well-rounded education. Only to find that their children are being indoctrinated to a hard-left political ideology, along with being exposed to sexual perversions courtesy of the ‘Alphabet People’ (LGBTQ, etc., etc., etc., etc. community). Even the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic have been modified to portray the radical messages they want your children to receive—Communist indoctrination, plain and simple.

So the short answer to what is going on in America is that our country is under the onslaught of a communist takeover, with the ultimate goal of overturning our Constitutional form of government and replacing it with a totalitarian dictatorship.

Americans need to understand history. The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was NOT a popular uprising supported by the majority of the people. It was a small minority that forced their ideology on the rest of the population, and then held Russia and Eastern Europe under totalitarian brutality and bondage for decades.

That is what is taking place right under our noses in this country. And Americans better wake up to the threat and stop it before it’s too late.


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