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February 23, 2024





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If I had to choose between optimism and realism on what’s happening with the present SCOTUS nominee, I’d have to choose the latter. Ketanji Brown Jackson fits the mold of the typical globalist puppet, aka satanic regime. She’s just what you’d expect from a Biden judicial nominee. But the game is getting old. Americans who hope for actual law and order are getting fed up with the rhetoric of stupid!

So far, the only “qualifications” that Ketanji meets is that she is Black, and she is a woman — the obvious prerequisites defined by a true racist and sexist. But you can count on this Supreme Court candidate knowing nothing about the Constitution. Intentionally. Because that’s the unspoken qualifier so essential to destroying the third branch of the federal government. We simply cannot allow this to happen.

The Executive Branch has already been stolen by treason. Yes, treason! The Legislative Branch has sold out to globalist elites on both sides of the House. And now, the only broker standing in the gap is a marginally competent Judicial Branch that increasingly consigns itself to the radical Left globalist movement. What does that really mean?

It means that American liberty is about to be placed on a ventilator!

Analyze what this Ketanji nominee has revealed so far. She has declared herself to be dumber than the average five-year-old child. Can she tell us what defines a woman? No. Even demented Joe was able to accomplish that feat by nominating “her!”

But Jackson claims not to be able to tell the difference between a male and a female. That’s concerning. So much for any hope of defending women’s sports. Her chosen ignorance is a transgenderist’s delight. And you know where that goes. Sex traffickers and pedophiles, and all sex offenders will have a holiday in court. How is a lawyer who can’t tell a boy from a girl supposed to judge a case of a “gender fluid” male terrorizing girls in their designated bathroom? By her own admission, she is unqualified. This fact is supported by her long record of marshmallow adjudications on child predators. Every loving, responsible parent and grandparent should be very concerned. It’s only a matter of time before tragedy hits home.

When asked her opinion on when life begins, she likewise claims unfit to the task, asserting she isn’t a biologist. Nonsense! Grade school science answers that question. Life begins at conception. But the Left conveniently has never followed the science. With such a Supreme Court Justice, genocide in the womb will be given free license, and the timeline of when infanticide is declared legal will expand.

According to Life News, nineteen states currently allow infanticide. This month, Senate Bill 669 was introduced in Maryland to legalize the killing of newborns up to 28 days after birth. Do you think someone who declares herself unable to even attempt to define when life begins will have any problem defending this bill? How long before two-year-olds will be fair game? And in the brave new world of eugenics, how would Ketanji Jackson rule at the other end of the life spectrum, when retired folks are declared expendable? What Ketanji is really saying is that life is cheap. Casualties in the New World Order are okay, even encouraged. 

Jackson also defends critical race theory (CRT), serving on the Board of Trustees at an elite school. Marxist origins of CRT should mean that this dogma has no place in our schools, but this Black woman who supposedly doesn’t know she’s a woman conveniently forgot her 2015 speech on CRT, claiming she never studied the subject.

However, when Senator Ted Cruz asked her about a book titled Antiracist Baby, she indirectly endorsed its content by answering that equality and justice are a chief goal of the school she serves. Recall that all White babies are born “guilty” of being White under this system. This is, by definition, racism. And true racism, whatever ugly form it takes, destroys the minds of not only its targeted victims, but all who participate in the crime. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood this principle all too well.

As the panel to select the next Supreme Court Justice proceeds, I’d like to hear what Jackson has to say about her understanding of the First and Second Amendments. Of course, we already know her answer to those questions. It won’t be pretty. Lest we forget the ultimate goal of the Globalist movement, America must be destroyed to pave the way for the One World Order. Biden just openly declared it, and he urged our full cooperation. For that to happen, fair elections must cease forever. Free speech must be fully obliterated. They’re well on their way to achieving that goal.

Disarming citizens will be the final step. How else can the coup proceed? Ketanji Brown Jackson has asserted ignorance on every subject of her interrogation thus far. She will continue to demonstrate her complete commitment to the Leftist agenda by her passive resistance. Her refusal to answer even the simplest, most straightforward questions shows us beyond doubt that she champions the overthrow of the Constitution and the American way of life as we know it.

But Judge Jackson’s refusal to answer questions is more than just political defiance. When she states that she is unable to define a woman, or that she has no understanding of critical race theory, she is actually lying. That’s called perjury. So we have an appellate court judge committing a punishable offense in broad daylight, knowing full well that she will never be prosecuted. After all, didn’t Hillary, Biden, Obama, and many other criminal Democrats literally get away with murder? She has nothing to worry about, and she knows it. Once the Constitution is shelved, the law becomes moot. Accountability is gone. That’s exactly what judge Jackson is counting on. It’s also what the pseudonym Democrats and RINOs stand for in their Great Reset pursuits. Laws, justice, and truth are the sworn enemies of the Klaus Schwab mafia, and our government is complicit.

This time in history is crucial for all freedom lovers. It’s also a time when the world must be reminded that winning the war for freedom takes resolve. But history shows us repeatedly that wars for liberty are fought in earnest by the remnant, by the elect few who boldly refuse to compromise their values. The remnant places honesty and honor on a pedestal. They worship God and love their independent nation. In America, they still abide by the Constitution. What’s left of good politicians is subject to little debate. Most have long ago sold their souls to the highest bidder.

The sandy soil on which the Senate and House now stand yields little confidence in the American people that our judges will balance the scales of justice. One thing is certain: if the courts will not uphold constitutional law, the burden then rests squarely on the shoulders of our armed citizens.

What will happen between now and the midterm elections is anybody’s guess. But an educated guess should harken us to the harbingers of disaster spreading quickly across our land. Some of us will fend well enough for ourselves… for a while, as the American empire further decays. But once freedom is gone, and the weight of oppression crushes us, taking back our freedom will feel like mission impossible. We are either one for all, or all for none. Unless we unite against the globalist beast, we may soon experience the curses foretold in the last book of the Bible. We are certainly headed in that direction. But we do still have a choice before us. Mine was made long ago. I am standing ready to fight for my country. Are you?

Image: LA Times


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j. bell
j. bell
1 year ago

You state, “the only ‘qualifications’ that Ketanji meets is that she is Black”. I am Black and many of my Black friends don’t consider Ketanji or Clarence Thomas to be Black mentality. These people don’t compare to Thourgood Marshall in their ‘Blackness’.

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