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April 24, 2024





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One of the guests that were on a talk-show that I co-hosted last week was an author who wrote a fictional book about a society that was being systematically controlled by an elite in a government so that every single citizen will have a mind-control chip. He addressed the subject as a dystopian state.

Dystopia: from Ancient Greek “bad, hard” and “place”; a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is an antonym of Utopia.

When he finished explaining the idea of the book, I said, “Your futuristic story is already unfolding as we speak in the USA.” There was silence for a few seconds; then he said, “Yes, this is unfortunately correct.”

It is tragically true for the simplest of many other reasons: When the individual owners of social media such as Facebook and Twitter can unilaterally have the absolute power to censor the sitting President of the USA, no American citizen of any status will ever be safe or free to express one’s self anymore.

Dystopia is already ruling in the USA, and more severe measures are coming shortly thereafter unless a united effort by Congress to curtail these monsters’ draconian control is enacted very speedily.

American pundits gloat about American Justice. I have been monitoring this subject for the last twelve years. I have found incredible degrees of injustice due to corrupt lawyers, judges, and politicians whose most important objective is to score points, not justice. Please tell me, how is it Justice, when a murderer caught with a bloody knife, and the victim’s throat is cut, would be released if and when his Miranda rights were not read to him? What about justice to the victim?

The above was just a simple example because thousands of hardened criminals are released over procedural failures while the victims have none.

Please remember that IQ al Rassooli is an Iraqi in exile precisely because I am not willing to be Politically Correct. Hence, I am always under threat of violence. I have not once shirked from sharing the truth – no matter how unpalatable it may be – so that people are informed since the western mainstream media is unwilling to put itself in harm’s way. Just remember, for one example, the Charlie Habdo Muhammad cartoons and the massacre thereafter. All the French political leaders and media in France, Europe, and the USA came out demonstrating in solidarity with the victims. Still, not a single newspaper or TV station ever again showed the cartoons, thus literally submitting to the triumphant terror of Muslims.

All my articles, statements, comments, and conclusions are backed up with supporting references in chapter and verse that can be fact-checked instantly. I am only the outsider looking at the events in the USA and doing my utmost to make sense of them to share with Americans like a sports commentator in a balloon surveying a game below with much greater vision than those on the ground. Please feel free to put your comments below the article.

During eight years under Obama, the citizens were subdivided into hyphenated Americans such as African Americans; Black Americans; White Americans; Mexican Americans; Asian Americans; Latinos; Christians; Jews; Muslims; Police vs. public; etc. The perfect recipe by Globalist/ Internationalists to dominate any society: Divide & Rule. There is currently no sense of unity in the USA as only Americans without a hyphen. Another facet of a dystopian state.

For the moment, all those who hate Trump are gloating and approving – having learned zero from the recent events of the Nazi era when so-called ‘civilized’ Germans, first by omission (silence), followed by commission (active), participated in the most monstrous deeds committed against ‘other’ human beings (Christians, Jews, Poles, Russians, Gypsies, Undesirables, etc.) – not ever contemplating that they too, may become victims of the Nazi regime.

All indications so far are that the Leftists/ Globalists and Islamists in the Democrat party will be extremely intolerant and vindictive regarding not only Trump and his supporters, but also against any American who does not believe as they do. This is the usual mind-controlled by every totalitarian state in history.

Since all the information that any of us have had regarding the election results are contradictory, I am only sharing with the readers my thoughts since there can only be two ways this election was concluded:

a) 80,000,000 Americans truly voted for Harris/ Biden
b) This election was compromised and stolen

I shall not address item b) which will require a detailed book, but will leave it for a future investigative reporter – if such will exist – to find the truth.

What I find truly incomprehensible are the WHY questions that fill my mind. I shall keep asking the following questions until I get an answer as to why would rational, fair-minded Americans vote for the Democrat ticket:

  1. While the whole world watches how the Democrats have been undermining Law & Order in every city they control, allowing Black Lives Matter and Antifa to terrorize American citizens and destroy businesses?
  2. How Democrat mayors and governors are siding with the criminals than the very police forces that put their lives on the line every single day by defunding them?
  3. For the first three years – before the deliberately unleashed Coronavirus – American businesses were doing phenomenally well.
  4. Black, Hispanic, and Asian unemployment the lowest in over 50 years.
  5. The same for the lowest number of people on benefits.
  6. He enacted more meaningful regulations in support of Black Americans than any other president.
  7. American businesses manufacturing in the USA instead of China.
  8. Trump revoked all commercial agreements that were detrimental to the USA.
  9. America became not only totally energy independent from enemy cartels but also a global supplier.
  10. The military was enhanced to face growing Chinese aggression.
  11. Leaving the one-sided, disastrous Nuclear agreement made by Obama with the terrorist Ayatollahs of Iran.
  12. Trump put the fear of American arms in the heart of its enemies to such an extent that no ground troops engaged in a new war were put in harm’s way. The first such an event in the last 50 years.
  13. Throughout this year of the pandemic, Trump shared the stage with the top Medical authorities daily. He is repeatedly accused of negligence even though the best medical advisors turned out to be wrong on many occasions.
  14. Trump made billions of dollars available to manufacturers to produce a vaccine at Warp Speed.
  15. The numbers of Americans who died of Corona were more in Democrat-controlled states or cities (take Cuomo’s, New York, for example).
  16. By moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, he fulfilled what Congress had enacted in 1995 that no previous president was able to fulfill.
  17. It was precisely because Donald Trump made America powerful and kept his promises to friends and foes that he was able to bring what was thought four mortal Arab enemy states of Israel to the peace tables in the Middle East and Africa; an accomplishment not matched by any previous president in the last 72 years.
  18. Why would 50 million new legal owners of weapons vote for the very party that wants to take them away?
  19. How is it conceivable that not once was Trump given credit for anything? Not once?
  20. Why did not one picture of beautiful Melania Trump grace a single magazine in four years unless this was a concerted and deliberate act by Trumps’ enemies in the totally corrupt media?

Harris/Biden and their supporters can gloat all they want; however, once they take over on 20th January 2021, world events will shock them into waking up to reality as America’s enemies will test the mettle of the new administration to find its resolve and weaknesses.

Like in every war ever started – and politics is war – all the plans and preparations can be upended by unforeseen natural and unexpected events that change everything. Personally, I do not believe that Harris/ Biden will be able to keep America safe from its enemies because of their total lack of stamina, resolve, and political acumen. I will apologize to our readers in advance if events prove me wrong.


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