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July 22, 2024





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The SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 pandemic have taken another dramatic turn in the last few weeks. America has jumped in one reporting cycle from approximately 30% Delta variant to 83% as of CDC reports on July 17, 2021. On June 11, 2021, the UK Variant report indicated that in addition to the seven mutations (3 major) in Delta that an additional mutation 417N had been found in a “Delta Plus” variant that almost certainly played a role in the most recent flare we are seeing across the globe.

Delta and Delta Plus appear to be infecting equally those unvaccinated and vaccinated as shown from data in the UK and Israel. This is very different from what is in major media at this time which has the government-issued talking point “we have a current crisis of the unvaccinated.”  

Americans know when they get a COVID-19 test, no one is checking to see if they have previously had the vaccine or where they are in the process. So of course, any reporting of COVID-19 cases cannot possibly distinguish who has had the vaccine and who has not. The CDC announced in late April after over 10,000 vaccine failures that they were going to scrub any further reporting of breakthroughs probably because of the labor-intensive nature of receiving sporadic cases from local departments of public health and then centralizing the data at the CDC. 

Vaccine failures must have involved some phone calls or verification that indeed the patient was sick and in fact they previously were vaccinated with enough time in between to develop immunity. Unlike the UK and Israel, the US does not have the stream of laboratory data from COVID-19 tests and the data from the CDC/FDA public vaccination program integrated so analyses could be done both on negative and positive tests. 

About 40% of hospitalizations in the UK and 60% in Israel are in those previously vaccinated and with the obvious failure of the vaccine to protect against Delta or Delta Plus. One thing is clear, those who have natural immunity from prior COVID-19 infection have robust, complete, and durable immunity and they are not coming down with the “Delta blues.”  

Fortunately, Delta is the mildest form of COVID-19 so far as the mutations have peppered the Spike protein, in and around the gain-of-function furin cleavage joint, rendering the virion far less dangerous. Seniors should still seek early treatment to avoid hospitalization and death. Indeed, cases of Delta hospitalization and death that are mentioned deserve one question:  why the patient didn’t receive early ambulatory treatment and how can this be avoided in the future.

Hospitalizations and deaths should be very rare provided everyone is alert in seeking early ambulatory treatment as advised by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (

On this week’s show, we have a wonderful interview with Dr. Jane Ruby who is a COVID-19 survivor, nurse practitioner, psychologist, and media commentator familiar to many of you. Dr. Ruby tells her story and gives us insights on how to navigate over the months and years to come.  

So, let’s get real, let’s get loud, on America Out Loud Talk Radio, this is The McCullough Report!

The McCullough Report: Sat/Sun 2 PM ET Encore 7 PM – Internationally recognized Dr. Peter A. McCullough, known for his iconic views on the state of medical truth in America and around the globe, pierces through the thin veil of mainstream media stories that skirt the major issues and provide no tractable basis for durable insight. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa.


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2 years ago

Very grateful to you Dr. McCullough. Wish it were you running the show instead of Fauci.

Xiaowei Zhu
Xiaowei Zhu
2 years ago

Thank you so much, Dr. McCullough! From the bottom of my heart!

Andy Faulkner
Andy Faulkner
2 years ago

Would love for you to come to Canada and shake some sense into our Public Health “experts”

Dave Pantalone
Dave Pantalone
2 years ago

When will the full audio of Dr. McCullough on this episode be fully posted as a podcast on America Out Loud?

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