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July 23, 2024





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Well, who would’ve thought? The mid-term elections are just around the corner, Joe’s poll numbers are tanking, and suddenly, as the political future looks dim, Democrats are dumping the Covid-19 pandemic nonsense and its disastrous effects on America’s economy. After all, it was Trump’s fault that mandates are evil, vaccines aren’t as effective as was once believed, and “can’t we just get along?”

In this crumbling world of kinetic politics, war, and threats of war, i.e., a mad Russian Rasputin invading a new free democracy, Ukraine, suddenly Joe Biden, the supposed leader of the free world, is distressed that his afternoon nap time is interrupted by world events for which he has no solutions.

With the collapse of our economy orchestrated by Biden’s mandated edicts instituting crushing Covid lockdowns, and not responding to Joe’s gifted leadership, Democrat politicians are now scurrying desperately to get on the right side of common sense as the tyrannical aspect of enforcing the unenforceable subsides.

Joe, the sock puppet Biden, claims his policies were essential to his victory over the Covid -19 flu epidemic. His policies took us out of a long war in Afghanistan, and of course, he didn’t give a green light for Russia’s Putin to try his hand at seizing Ukraine.

You can count on CNN, MSNBC, and George Stephanopoulos at ABC, to tout their truth of Joe’s brilliant leadership skills. It’s too little too late because Americans know BS when they hear it. So does China’s emperor Xi. Taiwan is next. You bet.

Like most Western countries, America fell victim to the hysterical propaganda of ‘experts’ at the CDC and the NIH turning Western economies into shambles with no appreciable gain in efforts combatting the China flu except by diktat. Well, the China Flu, as it seems, was funded by Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Health. How about that? Of course, Fauci denies it constantly, but the written record is there.

As is becoming apparent to even the most casual observer, Joe Biden is a complete dud! His staff is all dedicated Globalists, and his job is to do what he’s told to do, sign what they slip under his pen, and Joe, “shut the hell up!” The State of the Union was a clown show for all the world to see what a buffoon Biden is.

For Democrats, the immediate future looks grim. They’ve milked the Covid Flu business all they can, and it’s about over. The Clinton – Democrat Spy thing on Donald Trump, a crime of the highest magnitude, is a growing scab on their political behind, and they must find a way to fool Republicans again and stuff the midterm ballot boxes in every state or suffer political defeats at the hands of resurgent America First followers.

We will not forget the Hunter Biden fiasco, also a virus on Joe’s hide. If it finally blows up, it will be after the mid-terms and will be used by the Democrat party to rid themselves of their biggest embarrassment since Jimmy Carter. Conservatives still have the problem of all the RINOs still gumming up the works. They can’t survive unless supported by the Deep State, so they join forces with the Progressives to maintain the status quo. It will be coming to an end. 

What is apparent here is that our Federal Government is too damn big, unwieldily, filled with too many Globalist Progressive bureaucrats like hoards of termites eating out the body politic from the inside. Trainable politicians come and go with every election cycle. Some go to jail for minor stuff, and some never get there. The Biden’s and the Clinton’s, and Obama’s especially, seem to occupy an untouchable status in Washington DC, and Americans can’t understand why. It’s way past time for changes. Americans are roused, and organized pushback is developing.

Americans will not accept this new normal.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go join up!


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