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February 22, 2024





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“Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, then let it begin here.” With those words, Captain John Parker stood with his men to face the British on the Lexington Green on April 19, 1775.
After the dust had settled eight American patriots lay dead on the ground, with another ten wounded. For over two centuries since American Patriots have taken up arms and stood firm against those who would try to deny us our freedom, just as they took up arms in defense of liberty on the Lexington Green in 1775.
Today, America faces a new threat and the time for American Patriots willing to step forward to defend her against this threat is just as necessary, and yes just as desperate as it was during our revolution against British rule. And “desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures.”
Come January, if President Trump’s efforts to counter the voter fraud that gifted the 2020 election to Joe Biden are unsuccessful, our country will witness the swearing-in of an administration which will exist for one reason and one reason only, because it road a tide of fraud into the White House in order to complete Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of the United States.
Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden will be president in name only. He barely knows what day of the week it is, or even where he is most of the time. Joe is occasionally trotted out to make well-choreographed press appearances during which he answers pre-selected softball questions with answers provided by a teleprompter. Nothing physically or mentally taxing since he simply isn’t up to the job.
The real power in Washington will be Barack Obama and the person he handpicked to help him achieve his goal of destroying our American Republic, Kamala Harris. Joe Biden will be a figurehead only, doing the bidding of Obama and his ‘Obamaunists’ who will seek even more sweeping social and political change in America that they could not achieve during Obama’s eight years.

In his eight years in office, Barack Obama did everything he could to weaken the United States on the international stage. Obama holds a deep-seated rage and hatred of everything America was founded on. 

His presidency was based entirely on assuaging his anger by tearing down the institutions and traditions that helped make America the greatest nation on earth. Obama wanted to see America punished for all manner of transgressions that Obama concocted in his own weak-mind.
With Biden in the White House – no matter how temporarily – Obama will have a freehand in furthering his efforts towards those goals. Joe Biden will offer no objections, he knows that he owes his election to Barack Obama who snatched him from a mediocre Senate career and made him his vice president. Thereby giving him the opportunity to eventually ride a wave of voter fraud right into the White House.
For eight years Biden was Obama’s Court Jester, his Fool, and his Useful Idiot to help run interference for what Obama was quietly doing behind the scenes. Which was to undermine American institutions and infiltrate them with brainwashed sycophants. Once Biden is ousted – and he will be – Obama will have Kamala Harris as his staunch ally for his plans to destroy our nation.

American Patriots have two questions to ask themselves. Will we submit and comply? Or will we resist and take our country back and decide our own future and fate?

To quote the great American Patriot Patrick Henry, “I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death” should be our rallying cry. Americans will be called upon as never before to stand up for freedom and liberty.
The very survival of our Constitutional Republic is at stake.


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Esther Collins
Esther Collins
3 years ago

So very much agree. But what does standing up for our liberty look like,? I know there are plenty of patriots that want to. I’m talking normal, everyday Americans. We need leadership. We need a rallying point. We want to stand with and behind our President.

emanuel somma
emanuel somma
3 years ago

A 3rd party with President Trump’s lead sound not bad at all… It was so needed anyway.

Joe Barrios
Joe Barrios
3 years ago

We are with Our President Trump!! We will fight for our freedom!! We just need as you put it, A Rally point! Some of us have been preparing for 12 yrs. And No, we are not crazy anti-govt nutjobs. Just Anerican Patriots afraid the left is taking away our freedoms..

Jim McFalls
Jim McFalls
3 years ago

When this country stands by and allows the left to not only destroy our cities, states, and our brave men and women in Law Enforcement, it’s time to stand against the two that are now in office as of January 2021. We the TRUE American ?? people can no longer stand by and watch our laws and our history taken away by these crazies now appointed into the White House. They are not for the people nor are they for the good of America and their citizens. This country was built on strength and the strong will take on anyone who tries to weaken us in any way.

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