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May 18, 2024





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One hardly knows how to gauge what we heard from Joe Biden in his State of the Union speech, but a few notable points revealed themselves. As expected, the speech was an effort to favorably propagandize his first two years of governmental failure, couched in willful and intentional falsehoods. He mentioned 70,000 deaths by fentanyl poisoning when the number is actually closer to 170,000. That’s Joe’s responsibility exclusively, but why tell the truth when you can fool some of the people all the time?

Joe claimed something about protecting the sovereignty of the US but ignored the Chinese spy balloon incursion. Joe can’t help himself. He has been a professional politician for so long that what fills his purse monetarily trumps any American values he swore an oath to protect. By all appearances, Joe and his family have become Trojan horses for the Chinese Communist Party.

The lack of respect shown to Joe as President of the United States rose to a new level with outright laughter and derision after shamelessly lying about the need for oil for another decade, not to mention claiming the Republicans wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare, a claim that drew an immediate response from Congressperson, Marjorie Taylor Green who shouted out “Liar.”

That rubric was broken years ago when Obama, delivering his speech, met the same response for one of his lies. That shocked the Washington political world then, but the shock has worn off, and when sections of Congresspersons rise up as one in laughter, then the respect one should expect for a President of the United States was swept away forever.

As to the visuals, Biden exceeded himself by staying on script as well as he could for an elderly man, while the Democrats cheered shamelessly, but the presence of Kamala Harris on the dais behind him was a reminder that the GOP must do whatever it can to keep Joe alive two more years. There is no alternative.

Speaker McCarthy, sitting in the seat so long occupied by Nancy Pelosi, and having the good sense of not tearing Biden’s speech into pieces, was a visual confirmation that Pelosi’s era has past, a significant point confirmed by Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who delivered the official GOP response when she said that it was time for new, young leadership. She could have been talking about McCarthy as well, but the impact of her comments has, I believe, propelled her to a new level of political respect as a potential presidential candidate somewhere down the road. She has a few years as Arkansas’s governor to show her mettle, but I suspect we’re seeing another Ron DeSantis type of governorship developing. Stay tuned! 

All in all, Biden’s hour and a half before the public was a waste of our time, an exercise in Democrat propaganda to allay the obvious, that America’s rudderless ship of state was headed for the rocks and shoals of imminent disaster. When all around you is in disarray, when Chinese spy balloons can freely overfly our land, challenging our sovereignty, how can it be expected that our government is even concerned about protecting us from foreign enemies and that an annual speech by a dotering President can bring Americans together, to do…what? Join hands singing Cum-by-yah to happily accept the poison of perversion, equity, inclusion, and diversion?

Biden bragged his policies had put more blacks into judgeships, leadership roles, and executive positions than any other president. He has! But, his policies of equity and inclusion include filling pilot seats of commercial airlines with diversity over competence, the same with Judicial nominations of black females for federal judgeships who cannot even expound on the meanings of articles in the US Constitution.

Does that suggest a bright future for America or portend a further step toward lawlessness that appears to be in America’s future. Biden’s policies have been divisive.

The Republicans have been presented with an opportunity here to sweep Marxism away, restore peace and tranquility to our cities and streets, return America to an economically prosperous country of near full employment, including for minorities, and strengthen our military to defend from our external enemies. But, don’t bet on it. The deep state is deeper than we can possibly imagine, and a weak president is next to useless.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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