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March 2, 2024





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Injustice has been an overarching theme throughout this pandemic. We all have been impacted. We have either watched injustice, or we have experienced it personally. Perhaps we didn’t recognize it by its first name, lockdown. We submitted, we trusted something dangerous was about, and we all huddled in our homes. We prepared. We researched. We watched the news and daily updates. We didn’t know that the death ticker on every news channel, clicking up daily of Covid deaths, was put there to deceive us and bring fear to the American population. Deception is unjust.

Nurses Out Loud is bringing stories weekly from the trenches, exposing the truth, of what happened, to the silenced, and the voices of the victims who suffered because of the silencing of opposing views. Gail Macrae, RN, BSN, has been a nurse for 12 years. When the pandemic hit, she was working in the Bay Area of California for Kaiser Permanente in Santa Rosa. Though she was experienced in, ICU, TELE, Med-Surg, and L&D, she was investing in more nursing education for her CNM/WHNP, but, she would be prevented from continuing her education, because she was forbidden to complete her last 700 hours of clinicals due to refusal of the jab. Gail’s story may be like so many other nurses & Medical professionals in 2021, who walked away from their careers, due to the mandates, but, Gail has done more than leave. Gail is now part of a grassroots organization, a “David to the Goliath of globalist control that is devastating the world,” and Gail is now helping lead the charge to make sure It is stopped. Gail now works with the non profit StandFirmNow, the brainchild of Dr. Christiane Northrop MD, to try to bring forward and expose the covid scam.

Stand Firm Now is creating a legal platform of expert witness evidence to facilitate all litigating attorneys around the world in pursuing justice against COVID-related crimes. “Their objective is to “prosecute the participants of the criminal organization that is destroying humanity, to obtain justice, and to achieve monetary relief for the millions who have been injured and who have died at their hands. This incalculable injustice is the result of the criminal malfeasance of the individuals and organizations who forced the implementation of their experiments-in-a-syringe upon the world.”

Stand Firm Now already has notarized affidavits and recorded videos from doctors who have been out front speaking on jab injuries and deaths, masks, PCR tests, suppressed treatments, and more. The 6-page Affidavit and proof has 300 pieces of peer-reviewed data and has been written to make this process easy for those interested in getting involved. A notarized affidavit with video testimony cannot be thrown out by the judge. “This level of evidence is non-negotiable and not dismissible. Testimony presented in this manner, cannot be dismissed [in court] because it is in the form of notarized affidavits submitted to the courts as a negative averment. The power of a negative averment is a pleading in which a negative is asserted. Its purpose is to shorten investigations as the issue is to be proved by the party who asserts the affirmative. For example, if the pleading was that this injection is not safe, they would have to disprove the evidence submitted. Thousands of medical professionals are sitting on evidence that could be submitted into a court of law to end this.

Stand Firm Now is striving to connect with doctors, nurses, lab technicians, embalmers, hospital administrators, statisticians, and others who have personal knowledge and proof that the COVID narrative is false.” If you are one of those individuals, reach out to Stand Firm Now. Once this evidence gets accepted through this administrative process, it will go to the courts in order to be accessible to attorneys interested in pursuing criminal investigations, like America Out Loud’s very own Tom Renz and other attorneys here and around the world who are litigating. The intention here is to change the playing field. Instead of going into court with one case, the lawyers will be going in with thousands of experts with sworn testimonies

Gail appears to have been activated for such a time as this. She was an eyewitness to the lies, deceptions, and fraud perpetrated within the hospital system. She learned the hard way, how everything changes when you stand up for yourself in the face of injustice! When the vaccines were rolled out in 2021 after the Federal Government imposed the vaccine mandate, she would hear codes being called from the vaccine administration area of the hospital daily. The hospital had three times higher rates of admissions in 2021, more than the hospital had ever had since it opened it doors. Pre-roll out of the injections, the hospital census went from 2000 patients per month, increasing to 6000 patients per month after the rollout of the vaccines. Gail is an eyewitness to this reality. Discrimination against the unvaccinated permeated the work environment, and she went from being canceled on a daily basis because she had refused the vaccine, to three calls a day after the mandate, requesting her to come to work to relieve the overworked medical staff. Though she was a dependable 6-year employee of Kaiser, fully aware of the protocols and ins & outs of that hospital, failure to comply, trumped experience and familiarity, and simply, would not be tolerated. 

Gail witnessed her hospital system, like so many, inaccurately counting unvaccinated versus vaccinated within their census. News anchors were eager to tell the American population throughout 2021, that it was the UNvaccinated who were populating our hospitals. But what the majority of Americans did not know, is that the CDC had redefined the word unvaccinated and even changed the definition of the word vaccine. 

A spokesperson for the CDC assured the public that the reason for the definition change, was because they wanted to ‘be more transparent, and not imply that vaccines are 100% effective.’ For some reason, pre-2020, that reality did not matter. But, I can’t recall the last time I heard about break-through Diptheria, Mumps, or Rubella. But, 2021 & 2022, everyone you knew that got the COVID vaccine, somehow came down with COVID, sometimes multiple times. But, our public health officials decided to stop counting breakthrough covid cases in 2021, and chose to ‘only’ count those that were hospitalized, because, after all, there must be some ‘science’ published somewhere to support not gathering data, during a pandemic? The CDC’s interim clinical considerations define “fully vaccinated” as having completed two doses of either the Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna coronavirus vaccines, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. What does this mean? It means that if a person who had gotten one covid vaccine, came down with COVID, and was hospitalized, they would be counted as, ‘Unvaccinated.’ Equated to an Anti-Vaxxer on paper. 

Gail was among the thousands of nurses Fired across America, because she refused the Jab!  According to a study, >334,000 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other clinicians left the workforce in 2021. The study interestingly says nothing about the mandates having any impact on the exodus.   Rather the study states, “It’s clear COVID-19 has had a significant toll on the health and well-being of providers and hospitals alike. As a result, hundreds of thousands of physicians and other healthcare workers are leaving their positions. “

Is it any surprise that hospitals are understaffed all over America? As Nurses strike around the country because they are overworked and underpaid, and wanted lighter patient loads, and safer work environments, perhaps those same nurses should have considered striking, when their peers were fired in Mass, or walked away from their careers, because of an unconstitutional Vaccine mandate.

Perhaps, if they had stood up for freedom of choice, bodily autonomy, and informed consent, in 2021, and left the hospitals in solidarity, no one would have been fired, and the conditions pressing on short-staffed nurses, would not have happened in 2022. It is interesting how this extremely significant detail is left out of the conversation and ‘research.’ As a nurse since the 1980s, I can attest that NEVER has there ever been such a mass vaccination campaign, with a Federal Mandate, imposed on the Medical Profession. It would seem this would be THE relevant point in such a study.  The failure of Medical Professionals to stand by their peers against a tyrannical, unconstitutional vaccine mandate, is another evidence of the group think, lack of actual knowledge about the vaccine program in the US. If you, or someone you know, are one of those people, who think that the people who were fired, quit, or resigned from their positions are the uninformed, I would encourage you to take the 20 Vaccine Questions for Medical Professionals.

The American Public is now suffering the consequences of the Mass removal of ethical practitioners during this unjust firing of medical professionals. Will there be enough staffing when you show up in the ER in need of medical care? Does this mean that there are no ethical practitioners remaining in the medical system? No. There were facilities across the country that did not impose mandates, but rather honorably gave their employees a clear and understood freedom of choice and did not threaten their livelihood over the unconstitutional mandate. But, one must ask, what does it say about those that lined up eagerly, happily, and took the jab, then shunned their fellow medical professionals who refused the Jab. Are our hospitals now populated with medical professionals who do not question the system, or stand up for medical and bodily autonomy, freedom of choice, and informed consent?

Our public health authorities, and those that perpetrated the propaganda and lies to the American public, to this day, have not been held accountable for inaccurate statistics and data, much less the intentional fraud. These aforementioned experiences of Gail, are just a few of the evidences of fraud and injustice that has been perpetrated during the pandemic. American Citizens have had it with the lack of Justice regarding these last three years. Thanks to brave doctors like Dr. Christiane Northrop and brave nurses like Gail Macrae, a path to justice has been created. May Nurses, Doctors, and other eyewitnesses to these injustices, likewise, rise up, and make the truth known. Reach out to Stand Firm Now, and sign the affidavit or let them help you, write your own, customized affidavit.

Stand Firm Now, knows full well, that We are In A War For Truth.

Join us in the Battle, and help us, make the truth known.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King

Nurse Michele~


Got To: and familiarize yourself with their mission and the Affidavit.

You can reach out to Dr. Northrup, MD, and Gail Macrae, RN, BSN, through their platform.

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Randy Gates
Randy Gates
1 year ago

God bless you and your efforts.
But they are immune to the laws of man.
Another form of justice will be needed.

Gail Macrae
Gail Macrae
Reply to  Randy Gates
1 year ago

Hi Randy! In general I totally agree with you, but this approach is based in common law which supersedes the statutory system. Our attorney has been using this approach and winning for 30 years. Thanks for listening! 🙂

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