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February 29, 2024





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> Desantis-Newsom Debate Entertainment Value… and This!

If anything, Governors Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom exposed two ideologies on both ends of the political spectrum. Is Newsom too radical for the rest of America? Maybe Biden isn’t such a bad choice after all. How much was Newsom paid for this debate? It may have been money well invested for the radical left.

But the sad reality is that America is rapidly crumbling. And the Uniparty seems to be rejoicing in our demise. They enjoy the power and money that derives from raping America. And they are terrified at what a 2024 Trump victory would do to their successful reign of terror. An America First win (that means Donald J. Trump) will change things practically overnight. Evil will be attacked head-on, and nobody will be able to stop it. The left calls it a personal vendetta. The right calls it justice. Call it what you want, but America will be great again. That’s precisely what the left doesn’t want. Again, think Obama. Mr. “That’s-Not-Who-We-Are.”

Read the full article: Desantis-Newsom Debate Entertainment Value… and This!

Dr. Steve LaTulippe is a physician board-certified in Family Medicine, a retired United States Air Force officer, an ordained minister, and author of the book Unity Without Compromise. His show, Unity Without Compromise, airs weekends at 5 pm ET on the America Out Loud Network.

> The House of Misrepresentations

Billions flow to Israel, while American borders and citizens remain undefended. The dismantling of Texan defenses and the unabashed support for foreign interests over domestic safety reveal a grim picture of current priorities…

In sum, Americans are now on their own. Their own survival and the republic are no longer a concern of the governing elite. Indeed, that elite intends to kill the United States and all Americans, not part of its traitorous clique. It is past time for Americans to follow that timeless advice: “Fear God and take your own part.”

Read the full article: The House of Misrepresentations

Colonel Mike has been a former liaison & contractor in South East Asia for many years. He is also an advisor and businessman with many contacts around the globe and co-host of The National Security Hour, which airs at 7 pm ET on weekdays on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network.

> Our Foods Are Contaminated, and Our Health Is at Risk

Our foods are contaminated, our health at risk; and after realizing that her children were being impacted, one mom decided to take action. Zen Honeycutt started Moms Across America in an effort to help people become aware of food industry standards and the harm that lies within. She clearly lays out the three different types of GMOs and how they impact not only our body system, but the food itself. She spells out the hidden dangers along with the importance of educating the public. Her movement empowered moms across the United States to rise up, join forces, and put words into action forcing the public to wake up to the food giants destroying our farming practices.  

Taking 20 different fast food establishments to the lab, she breaks down the most glyphosate contaminated to the least, shockingly pointing out that Panera may not be what people expect. She correctly points out that if just Panera alone insisted on cleaner agricultural products, the industry could shift overnight. In the meantime, it is up to the consumer to educate him or herself, choose clean ingredients, and start changing the system one purchase at a time.

Read the full article: Our Foods Are Contaminated, and Our Health Is at Risk

Dr. Stephanie Coxon is a mother of five and a medical freedom activist. She sits on the steering committee for PCIC ( and for Right-Minded Women. Stephanie manages a holistic medical practice and works with people to create a wellness lifestyle and regain their health; and is a co-host of Two Women Inspiring Real Life, which airs at 9 am ET weekends on the America Out Loud Talk Radio Network.

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