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February 22, 2024





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25 Governors Call for End of Emergency Declaration 

Governor Kim Reynolds joined 24 other governors in sending a letter to President Biden urging him to put an end to the Federal Public Health Emergency (PHE). The PHE has been extended until January 2023, despite the President stating the pandemic is over more than four months ago. “We have come so far since the beginning of the pandemic—we now have the tools and information necessary to help protect Iowans from COVID-19.” Gov. Reynolds said. “We have returned to life as normal, and it is time the federal government’s policies reflected that.”

President Biden has extended the PHE until at least January 11, 2023, and is expected to extend it again until April 2023. Through this letter, the 25 governors are urging the President to let it expire in April—giving states several months to prepare for the end of the emergency. “The PHE is negatively affecting states, primarily by artificially growing our population covered under Medicaid, regardless of whether individuals continue to be eligible under the program. Since the beginning of the pandemic, states have added 20 million individuals to the Medicaid rolls, an increase of 30 percent, and those numbers continue to climb as the PHE continues to be extended every 90 days.” (Gov. Reynolds joins 24 other governors)

Silent No More from New Zealand

This Christmas is the perfect time to release this documentary, so that families and friends can support their injured family members, and that those who see no wrong in this product can look deep inside themselves and find empathy for those that’s outcome from taking this newly invented pharmaceutical, which has been incredibly devastating to their health and has caused loss of life.

The fourth ‘official’ death from myocarditis caused by the newly invented pharmaceutical was reported in the New Zealand media on the December 14, but without any details of the victim’s age or sex. Why? The injured New Zealanders ask for simple public acknowledgment without ‘gaslighting,’ along with medical acknowledgement and support.

Empathy has been critically missing in these stories, and for all of the now 65,148 New Zealanders who sustained an injury from this pharmaceutical (note: Medsafe report #46 excludes the other brand of pharmaceutical used which shows 319 AEFI Reports *report #45). The two products combined have officially now caused four deaths (with others still under investigation) and a total of 65,148 reports, of which 3,709 are ranked serious.

Silent No More mini-documentary film from New Zealand


Twitter Survey about Trusting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern


Here are examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program today

Rod – Has the military finally stopped making the jab mandatory?

Brooke – Have you heard of any medical staff injecting unvaxxed patients, while they’re under anesthetic or sedated for procedures? I had to disclose my unvaxxed status countless times, verbally & in writing, prior to a small surgery. All med staff, where I live, must be vaxxed. Made me wonder if it’s happening to people out there.

Marla – Hi Malcolm and Dr. McCullough, I heard the America Out Loud broadcast regarding nitric oxide supplements for cardiac issues. I am a healthy 63-year-old who is thin and exercises routinely but experienced sudden onset of hypertension when I hit menopause. Have you seen any clinical evidence that nitric oxide supplements can help avoid medication for high blood pressure?

Also, is this something legitimate to recommend to those who took the Covid vaccine to help with the lasting effects of spike protein accumulation?

Janet – My husband “died of Covid” (was given Remdesivir, put on a ventilator quickly, practitioners ignored my objections, refused bringing in Ivermectin). Are you aware of any organization that gathers/records data on hospital procedures given to Covid patients?

Marie – I just saw a commercial on TV for long acting monoclonal antibody products: One of the products referred to might be EVUSHELD. I was hoping that Dr.McCullough could give us an update on these products.

I would also like to convey a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at America Out Loud for all your hard work! You are all in my daily prayers. I wish you all a Merry and blessed Christmas.

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1 year ago

Preposterous. Everyone who provided a jab should be tried, convicted and sentenced to death by hanging under Nuremberg Code 2,0! Employers who demand vaxx sbould be criminalized for forcing experimental so called vaxx which is not a vaxx but a bioweapon to cull the population according to Bill gates TED talk. Doctors who refuse to tell the truth should lose their licenses! These ppl will not escape hell unless they repent and tell the truth, EVIL PROVIDERS.

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